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“With the battle with Istoria fast approaching, we have no men to spare to combat the Empire. An alliance with your army would be exactly what we need. However, I have been betrayed both in Balt and in Marl. Many of our precious troops were lost, and I have been cursing my foolishness ever since. Thus, I felt the need to test your trustworthiness. I shall apologize for my prior insults. Forgive me, Sir Runan.”
—Richard, apologizing to Runan in their first meeting

Richard (リチャード Richādo) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. The Lion Prince of Marl, he is the leader of the Leda Alliance Army alongside his betrothed, Tia. He and Holmes have known each other since childhood.


During his childhood, Richard told Holmes that he would unite the territories in Leda and become the king. Richard also said that he would eventually rule the continent and become a great emperor like Garlon himself. Years prior to the storyline, he and Holmes had drinks together and fought several times. When his kingdom fell to Istoria, Richard abandoned his father and formed the Leda Alliance Army. After Tia was rescued from Istoria and allied with Richard, the Leda Alliance Army became much more powerful.

Richard is first seen during the Leda Alliance Army's attempt to retake Marl Castle from the Istorian army led by Prince Ronald. When Ronald and the remainder of his army flee, Richard decides not to pursue them. When he meets with Runan for the first time, Richard immediately criticizes him, but soon apologizes for it and makes an alliance with him. Some time later, he has a meeting with Holmes, who suspects that he is manipulating Tia and claiming that she is the princess of Leda in an attempt take control of the country. Later in the storyline, Richard comes to Holmes's aid alongside the Leda Alliance Army and the Arial Mercenaries. After the battle, he and Tia travel to the Temple of Earth.

Towards the end of the story, Richard and Tia are abandoned by their entire army when they fall into a trap set by Gwenchaos. At this time, he hands Tia over to Gwenchaos, with his reason being that he is deeply angered by her rejection of their marriage. Despite her explanation that she only rejected him because his proposal was too sudden, he allows Gwenchaos to take her and receives control of Leda in return. During the final stages of the sacrificial ritual, Richard realizes that he is still in love with Tia and interrupts it in order to save her. Richard is soon challenged by Gwenchaos in a battle and receives fatal wounds as a result. Before he dies, he returns the ☆Seiken Leda to Tia and declares his love for her.

After Gerxel's defeat, Richard is revived by Miradona. Upon reuniting with Tia, he says that he will only forgive her if she confesses to loving him. In the epilogue, he considers siding with Duke Tatus against Runan in their dispute for Enteh's hand in marriage. Once Runan and Holmes arrive in Marl, Richard agrees to invite them to his wedding with Tia.


Richard is an ambitious man with a high opinion of himself. His life-long dream is to rule the entire continent of Lieberia. He is rather manipulative of Tia and tends to interrupt others who attempt to speak with her. However, he does genuinely love her, and claims that they will rule the continent together. He and Holmes have a mutual dislike of each other. He refers to Holmes as a coward and criticizes him for abandoning his father, although he also abandoned his own father. He also has a low opinion of Runan, claiming that he is a naive fool and feeling annoyed that he must pay his respects to him.

Richard does not seem to be trusting of others, as he initially feels the need to test Runan's trustworthiness. He is quick to point out Tia's naivete, but says that he likes her for it.

In GameEdit


Starting Class Group
KingsKnightKings Knight TS group horse Horseback
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
32 49 22 4 20 19 7 18 20 7
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Big ShieldBig Shield
CityCity Fighter

TS SwordSword
TS LanceLance
TS AxeAxe
TS BowBow

DragonspearDragon Spear
Magic ShieldMagic Shield


Richard means "Brave Power", coming directly from the Germanic elements -ric "power, rule" and -hard "brave, hardy".

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