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Rigel Symbol

Emblem of Rigel

Rigel (リゲル帝国, Riguru Teikoku lit. Rigel Empire; known as Regal in some fan translations) is a kingdom located in the northern part of Valentia. Its people worship the Dark God, Duma, and because of this, Rigel is a nation heavily reliant on strength. They are known as "savages" to the people of Zofia. The Duma Tower was built towards the north of the Kingdom. During the events of Fire Emblem Gaiden, the kingdom is ruled by King Rudolf. Rudolf first used the Falchion to seal Mila, and then helped Desaix take over and control Zofia.


Founded on the year 189 of the Valentian Calendar, the Rigelian Empire was established in the northern region ruled by Duma. In the Year 374, Rudolf was appointed as the successor of the Rigelian Emperor Rigel III, ascending as Emperor Rudolf I. In the year 398, poor harvests caused the food-stocks of the Rigelian Empire to run dry. Due to Rigel's request for assistance from Zofia being met with rejection, Rigel started a war against Zofia, with Rudolf himself leading the troops to the invasion. A year later, despite the army's repeated sucesses in the war, the upper echelon of the Rigelian Army negotiated a cease-fire in exchange for a large compensatory sum of gold. The Rigelian Army remained garrisoned in Northern Zofia in the aftermath, with tensions rising.

After the revolution in Zofia, Rigel fights against Alm's army. After the death of Rudolf, Alm unifies Rigel and its former rival Zofia as one country, becoming the first king of Valentia.

Notable LocationsEdit

Family TreeEdit


Known RigeliansEdit

  • Rudolf - The king of Rigel
  • Alpine - Rudolf's son.
  • Massena - A general from Rigel and captain of King Rudolf's personal guard.
  • Hark - The former Great Sage of Duma.
  • Zeke - Amnesiac general of Rigel loyal to Rudolf.
  • Tatiana - A saint in the service of Rigel.
  • Juda - The High Priest of Duma, exiled Hark for the position.
  • Marla - The oldest daughter of Juda with deep loyalty to Duma.
  • Heste - The second daughter of Juda with deep loyalty to Duma.
  • Sonya - A subordinate of Grieth and the youngest daughter of Juda.
  • Nuibaba - The master of Fear Mountain who sold his soul for the power of Medusa.
  • Jerowm - A cruel general of Rigel who orders his men to raid villages.
  • Magnam
  • Mueller
  • Berkut - Rudolf's nephew. He is exclusive to Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.



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