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Rigel (North, as labeled)

Rigel (リゲル帝国, known as Regal in some fan translations) is a kingdom located in the northern part of Valentia. Its people worship the Dark God, Duma, and because of this, Rigel is a nation heavily reliant on strength. They are known as "savages" to the people of Zofia. The Duma Tower was built towards the north of the Kingdom. During the events of Fire Emblem Gaiden, the kingdom is ruled by King Rudlf. Rudlf first used the Falchion to seal Mila, and then helped Dozer take over and control Zofia. After the revolution in Zofia, Rigel fights against Alm's army. After the death of Rudlf, Alm unifies Rigel and its former rival Zofia as one country, becoming the first king of Valentia.

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