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Rival Bands
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Units AllowedChrom +12
Units GainedYarne (Enemy/NPC, talk with Chrom or Panne)
BossGyral and/or Dalen

Chrom: What do you make of that?
Frederick: Mercenaries, from the look. Rival bands squabbling over some petty matter. A common enough sight in these dark times, milord. But, if it comes to bloodletting, the nearby villages will pay for it.
Chrom: Then let's make sure it doesn't.”

Chrom and Frederick

Rival Bands (Mercenary Conflict in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 13 of Fire Emblem: Awakening. The map will appear once Panne has obtained an S support with a male character. 

Paralogue InformationEdit

In this paralogue, two forces are fighting each other: the Stonewall Knights and the Riders of Dawn. The player can choose to ally with the Knights, ally with the Riders, or fight both sides. Depending on the player's choice, the opposing force will change. Allying with neither results in greater after-battle rewards, and the ability to visit all 4 villages during the map.

Yarne is allied with the Stonewall Knights, and can be recruited if Chrom or Panne talks to him, regardless of his status as an allied or enemy unit.


There are four villages on the map. Depending on your allegiances, you will receive the following items:

Note: All villages can be visited if the player chose to fight both groups.


Given your options this map can play out in one of three ways. The first two ways are good for those who do not wish to grind levels or do not want to take on a prolonged battle. The last way is excellent for grinding levels and to receive the maximum amount of rewards, although that version is significantly harder.

  1. Aligning with the Stonewall Knights means that you can talk to Yarne quickly without risking the Stonewall Knights from attacking you after you do so. The downside with that is that the Riders of Dawn, who have better movement than the Stonewall Knights, can swarm your army much more easily. The easiest remedy for this is to have Panne with Beastbane equipped or have units with Beast Killers for effective damage. A Beast Killer can be obtained from the village near Gyral. Upon allying with the Stonewall Knights, the Riders of Dawn will call for reinforcements in the form of Paladins, Bow Knights and Valkyries. After defeating the Riders of Dawn, the Stonewall Knights will reward Chrom's army with 500 gold for each allied unit remaining.
  1. Aligning with the Riders of Dawn makes talking to Yarne slightly harder, since the Stonewall Knights are right next to him. There should not be much trouble getting him away from them as they don't have the mobility that the Riders of Dawn have. Magic units are extremely useful to take them down since they will have low resistance. Armorslayers and Hammers also work nicely to take them down and a village will provide a Hammer if needed. Upon allying with the Riders of Dawn, the Stonewall Knight-aligned villages will send out reinforcements in the form of Generals, Swordmasters and Sages. After defeating the Stonewall Knights, the Riders of Dawn will reward Chrom's army with 500 gold.
  1. Choosing not to align with either army will put you against both armies at the same time, although Chrom will ask if you really want to fight with both of them twice. Upon saying yes the second time he asks you, both mercenary groups will send out their reinforcements, totaling for a staggering amount of 47 enemies on the map that need to be cleared. Both sides will not fight with each other despite the rivalry they have. It is best to stay in the forests unless the player has A+ Support and high Avoid, as the enemies are usually inaccurate. However, the rewards will be much better; the player can visit all four villages, gain two Bullion (M) rather then one, and upon routing all of the enemies the player will receive 10,000 gold from the villagers rather then getting 500 from either army.

Regardless of how the map is done, if Yarne is recruited and survives the map, he'll unlock his C-Supports with Panne, his father, and Morgan if she is his sister.


Recruiting YarneEdit


  • Panne: "That scent… It smells like… Ho! You there!"
  • Yarne: "Gyah! Wh-what do you want?!"
  • Panne: "You are a taguel."
  • Yarne: "Yeah, well so are— GODS! M-Mother?!"
  • Panne: "Mother?"
  • Yarne: "Gah, you nearly gave me heart failure! I'd given up on EVER finding you! You wouldn't believe how dangerous it is here. All these swords and brigands… Anyway, I've found you. That makes the trip back in time more than worth it."
  • Panne: "So you came with that man-spawn Lucina, did you? Hmm… Explain to me why my son consorts with common thugs?"
  • Yarne: "Huh? H-hey, I didn't have a choice in the matter! You were nowhere to be found, and roaming around alone is a recipe for… extinction. I'd figure I'd be safe if I took up with some strong allies, and so I… Wait, are you angry? Because you look kind of ang—"
  • Panne: "OF COURSE I AM ANGRY! No son of mine will survive by taking the path of the coward! You're coming with me, I'm going to teach you some taguel pride, starting right now!"


  • Chrom: "You there! Hold!"
  • Yarne: "Gyah! D-don't surprise me like that! I could die of heart failure!"
  • Chrom: "…I was standing right in front of you. Ought I have waved first, or would that have been too threatening?"
  • Yarne: "Oh, aren't we the jester! People die from much lesser things you know. It's no laughing matter! What if you scare me and I trip and fall and cut my head open? What then?!"
  • Chrom: "Er…right. Look, if you're so worried about death, maybe you should just surrender. I have no desire to spill unnecessary blood."
  • Yarne: "Wait, surrender is an option?! Wh-why didn't you say so?!"


  • Two of the villages show some sort of loyalty to the mercenary groups; the lower right village supports the Rider of Dawn group while the upper-left village supports the Stonewall Knights. The other two villages seem to fear both groups because of their consistent fighting; this is shown if the player decides to fight both groups and upon routing the enemy, a villager is pleased since both groups were nothing more then common brigands.
    • Even if the player decides to fight both of groups, both weapon-giving villages still tell the player to kill the other mercenary group.
  • At the beginning of the fight, the player is allied with the Riders of Dawn, while their enemies are the Stonewall Knights. This changes after the player has made their preparations and decides who to join.

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