Intro Cutscene  Edit

  • "Now, then... let's see what you can do!" (Male)
  • "Now, then... I hope you're ready for me!" (Female)

Switching to Character  Edit

  • ""

Ally Assist  Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines  Edit


  • "Prepare yourself!"


  • "Here's how it's done!"
  • "I have a plan!"

Dual Strike Lines Edit

As lead

  • "Let's finish this!"

As support

  • "I'm ready."

Praise Lines Edit


  • "Impressive!"

To Celica

  • "Another charming performance, Celica!"

To Frederick

  • "You deserve some bear meat for that, Frederick!"

Level Up  Edit

  • ""

Death Lines  Edit

  • "I wish I could help...more..."

Victory Lines  Edit

  • "Thank you for this opportunity. The better tactician won." (Male)
  • "Thank you for this opportunity. The superior tactician won." (Female)

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