Rommit (ロミタナ Romitana) is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is charged with guarding Mugill when Ike and the Greil Mercenaries attack, planning to defeat the forces from the inside and then open the gate.

Character DataEdit

Boss StatsEdit

Starting Class Affinity
FE10 Rommit Halberdier Sprite Halberdier FE10Thunder Thunder
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Wt Mov
9 40 22 10 23 21 7 20 15 12 18 7
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Shove Shove
Critical 5 Critical +5

FE10 Lance Lance - B

FE10killerlance Killer Lance
FE10concoction Concoction


RD Biorhythm D


Battle ConversationsEdit

  • Default

Rommit: We're under attack! By the goddess, they're fast! Where are our reinforcements?!

  • Vs. Ike

Rommit: When did sub-humans learn to wield sword? Impossible! I can't believe my eyes.
Ike: You underestimate them.

Death QuoteEdit

“No... We've lost the gate!”
—Death Quote


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