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The Royal Sword (おうけのつるぎ Ouke no tsurugi) is a special Sword that hails exclusively from Fire Emblem Gaiden. Solely bound to Alm, this sword was initially a gift sent by the Kingdom of Rigel to Zofia as a means to strengthen the bilateral ties forged between both nations, but which was later intercepted and stolen by Desaix. The Royal Sword possesses the unique ability of restoring its wielder's HP by 5 points at the start of Alm's turn.

It was also lightly alluded to in Awakening as Alm's Blade.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type

Royal Sword


Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt
7 100% 20% 1 0

Restores the wielder's HP by 5 points every player turn.

Item LocationEdit

Method Location
Treasure Ch. 3 - Chest (Located in Desaix's Fortress on Alm's route)

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