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“I am Ruka, from a village north of Gram. I escaped from Codha's oppression and fled here to Verge. I am merely a hunter, but please allow me to help defeat the bandits.”

Ruka (ルカ, fan translated as Luca) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is a hunter from a village located north of Gram. He is also the younger brother of Raquel. It is implied that he has crush on Sasha.


During a bandit attack on their village, Ruka was saved by Raquel, whose actions caused him to note her resemblance to the goddess Bridget from the legends. Eventually, he left the village in order to avenge his parents. After escaping from Codha's oppression, Ruka fled to Verge, where he enlisted in the army as an archer. He later decided that he wants to become a knight of Wellt because of his romantic feelings for Sasha.

If certain requirements are fulfilled, Ruka can have a special scene with Raquel later in the game. In order to trigger it, he must be recruited Map 2 and visit Raquel's house in Map 4 before Sasha recruits her. If both he and Raquel are sent with Runan's army after the second route split and fielded in Map 26A, there will be two options at the end of the chapter. If the player chooses the second option, Ruka will be slain by a soldier, causing Raquel to discard her vow to never kill a human. He can later be revived with the ☆Dakruon at the Tower of Morse.



He can be chosen to join Runan's army out of 4 possible characters (Lee, Narron, Ezekiel and himself) at Verge in Map 2. Subsequently, if he has not already been chosen, he can be recruited into Holmes's army later, out of 4 possible characters (the 3 not chosen before and Lionel).

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
BowFighterBow Fighter TS group mercenaryMercenary
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
2 19 4 0 5 8 1 2 6 4
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS ChargeCharge (Lv 15)
TS ContinueContinue (Lv 30)
CityCity Fighter (Class Change)

TS BowBow

Hand BowHand Bow

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Wlv Def Mov
60% 25% 5% 50% 40% 40% 25% 15% 0%



Item Required Promoted Class
TRSHeroProof Hero Proof BowMaster Bow Master
HP Str Mag Skl Agl Def Wlv Mov
+4 +3 +0 +1 +1 +3 +1 +1

Overview Edit

Ruka is fast, accurate and not much else. He has high speed, skill and luck with a low base in strength hurt even further by an average growth in the stat. Ruka's only saving grace is the fact that he's not terribly pathetic, ending up decent enough for you not too regret using him too too much. However, the other Archer is much better and he will fall behind. If you want to unlock Raquel's ability to kill humans, then grab Ruka, otherwise, you shouldn't bother.

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