“The group defeats Hinoka's forces and seeks Ryoma to end the war decisively. Azura guides them to the throne room's antechamber, where Ryoma is waiting.”
—Opening Narration

Ryoma (白夜王子リョウマ Byakuya Ōji Ryōma lit. White Night Prince Ryoma in the Japanese version) is Chapter 25 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Conquest Version.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Chest ItemsEdit


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This chapter can be one of the hardest chapters in Conquest if the player wishes to grab the chest items and/or gain experience needed in the upcoming chapters in Lunatic Mode. There are many enemies in this mode; while they may not prove to be much of a threat on Normal/Hard Mode they are on Lunatic Mode. On Lunatic Mode, all enemies with some form of stat drain will come with Inevitable End, an enemy-only skill which causes debuffs to stack past their limit. The enemy's debuffs lean heavily towards speed, defense, resistance and strength, so units will quickly find themselves extremely frail if hit by multiple units carrying it.

Many of the enemies comprise of Master Ninjas, who will have Silver Shurikens on them. They may also have a Practice Katana or Spy's Shuriken on them. The player should be aware of the stat drains from the shurikens; Silver Shurikens drop speed, defense and resistance by 4, while Spy's Shurikens drop all stats by 2, excluding defense and resistance, which is 5. On Lunatic Mode, getting hit by multiple shurikens will easily result in your defense and resistance dropping rapidly. In addition, some may carry Seal Defense, making them more dangerous since other units can come in and easily net a kill. There are still other units to worry about though, such as Seal Strength units.

An easy way to counter the Master Ninjas on Lunatic Mode is by bringing several Shurikenbreaker units. This may not be enough to fully reduce their accuracy to relatively safe levels, so you may want to pair up the Shurikenbreaker units with a speed boosting partner and using a weapon that has an advantage over shurikens. A fairly high speed Onmyoji with Shurikenbreaker and Calamity Gate should ensure that the master ninjas will miss all of their attacks, provided they stick with Shurikens. You can either buy Shurikenbreaker off other players' castles (or train them if they have access to the Bow Knight class), or capture the Onmyoji in Chapter 22 or Chapter 24. Ensure that your units will also have enough speed to double the ninjas to kill them off in one hit, since all of them are carrying Poison Strike.

The enemy is split up into two hallways, led by Saizo and Kagero respectively. Saizo is at the western hallway, and it contains Swordmasters and Automatons. Kagero is at the eastern hallway, and it contains Master of Arms. Both hallways have Master Ninjas. Both Saizo and Kagero have Shurikenfaire on all modes; on Hard and Lunatic Modes, Saizo will have Luna and Aegis while Kagero will have Rend Heaven and Pavise. On Lunatic, they will get Inevitable End on them.

Saizo's hallway is considerably easier then Kagero's, due to the two paths you can take. It is still dangerous on Hard and Lunatic Modes, caution should be taken, since the Automatons with Spy's Yumis and Lunge your units into certain death. There is also a Swordmaster pair with 40 Speed; the lead Swordmaster has a Venge Katana and Strong Riposte, giving him 12 extra counterdamage in battle. While they do not move, it is best to take them out anyways.

Kagero's hallway can be slightly harder, since your units are put into a narrow hallway where the units can attack with ease on harder difficulties. There are three Master Ninjas in the narrow hallway similar to the ones in Chapter 17, so you can lose a lot of health quickly. Like the other path, Spy weapons make an appearance here on four of the ninjas; three in the narrow hallway and one near Kagero. There are also five Master of Arms in this area; the one blocking your way has Countermagic, while the three surrounding him have a weaponbreaker skill corresponding with their counterweapon. There is a pair up nearby; the lead Master of Arms has Pavise and Aegis, while the one behind has Death Blow and Certain Blow, both skills of little concern were it not for the Great Club he is wielding.

As soon as the battle starts, you are notified that Ryoma is savoring his vengeance. On Normal and Hard Mode, he will wait 25 turns before attacking, and on Lunatic Mode, 20. He will still counterattack if he is attacked. The Avatar is locked in the room with Ryoma, with screens blocking them and your army. To unlock the screens, you will need to defeat his retainers. On Normal mode, you can kill either one of his retainers; on Hard and Lunatic Mode, you will need to kill both of them to pass. While it may seem impossible to achieve in such a small time frame, it is possible to kill both Saizo and Kagero in 20 turns or lower, although this requires a lot of luck.

Although the Avatar can face Ryoma (more on Normal, less on Hard/Lunatic), Ryoma gets damage reduction while the Dragon Vein is active. However, it is still possible to land a Lethality and kill him off in one hit. You could also wait the 25/20 turns and lure Ryoma next to the south screen for your units to attack him with ranged. On Normal, Ryoma has Duelist's Blow. On Hard, he will also gain Astra, Resist Status and Swordfaire. On Lunatic, he will also get Rend Heaven, which could be an issue due to his high skill, although if your Avatar does not have a lot of strength, it should not cause much problems. The Avatar can help to mitigate Ryoma's attacks when he becomes offensive with Swordbreaker if they can obtain it beforehand as Ryoma only uses the Raijinto and has no skill that offsets the hit rate changes from the skill. If Boo Camp is available, using it to bring the Avatar to a respectable level can also prove to be useful, but only if they are struggling to survive.

Capturable Enemies Edit

Notable enemies can be captured from this chapter in Lunatic mode:

  • Master of Arms - There will be two Master of Arms both in guard stance with each other located at the top right of the map, near the room before the player reaches Kagero. One will carry Certain Blow and Death Blow while the other will carry Aegis and Pavise. They may be captured if the player wishes to do so.

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