SP or "Skill Points" are a character statistic introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes. SP are required to learn skills and can be earned by performing certain actions.

Gaining SPEdit

Leveling upEdit

Each time units level up, they always gain an amount of SP depending on their rarities and levels:

Level range SP gained
1 - 2✯ 3 - 5✯
1 - 10 4 6
11 - 20 8 12
21 - 30 12 18
31 - 40 16 24

Merging heroesEdit

Duplicates of heroes can be merged together to receive SP. When merging two heroes of the same rarity, the remaining hero will also gain a stat boost. An amount of SP gained depends on the merged hero's rarity.

Rarity of source hero SP gained by remaining hero


Additional methods to gain SP include defeating enemies and healing allies:

  • Units gain 2 or 3 SP upon defeating an enemy.
  • Healer units gain 1 SP for each healing action they perform.

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