Sacae (サカ Saka) is home to nomadic tribes in both Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. They are famed swordsmen, as well as horse riders who usually fight from horseback.

Saceans are also known to never lie, and to always keep to their word. This makes common people trust Saceans, as Lyn trusts the word of Uhai, her enemy. On the other hand, some Lycian nobles exhibit racist behavior towards them, like Lundgren who believes Lyn to be unfit of claiming the throne of Caelin due to being half-Sacaean, or the Marquess of Araphen who openly belittles Lyn's heritage and loses Rath's trust because of such behavior.

Of all of the characters from Sacae, most of them are of the Nomad, Nomadic Trooper, Myrmidon, or in Lyn's case something similar to one, or a Swordmaster classes. The exception is the Mercenary Glass, fought in Lyn's story. Although in The Binding Blade, some nomads appear as druids.

Of the heroes who fought in the Scouring, Hanon, the Divine Trooper, was the one who founded Sacae. The capital of Sacae is Bulgar.

It appears that green hair is common among Saceans, as five of the Sacaeans shown have green hair.

The three nomad tribes of Sacae were the Lorca, the Kutolah, and the Djute.

Notable SacaensEdit

Fire Emblem: The Blazing BladeEdit

  • Lyndis - Daughter of Hassar and Madelyn, is of mixed blood. Is notable as a Lord character in The Blazing Blade.
  • Hassar - Lyn's father and chief of the Lorca tribe
  • Rath - Captain of the Araphen castle guard and member of the Kutolah tribe
  • Guy - A swordsman and a member of the Kutolah tribe
  • Uhai - The Soaring Hawk, one of the original members of the Black Fang
  • Karel - The Sword Demon, a Swordmaster who seeks worthy opponents
  • Karla - Karel's sister who fights in arenas
  • Glass - Prideful swordsman fought as a boss in Lyn's Story

Fire Emblem: The Binding BladeEdit

  • Sue - Rath's daughter and Dayan's granddaughter, member of the Kutolah tribe
  • Sin - Member of the Kutolah tribe
  • Fir - Daughter of Karla and Bartre, niece of Karel
  • Dayan - The Silver Wolf, chief of the Kutolah tribe and Rath's father
  • Karel - Greatly changed from his days as the Sword Demon
  • Monke - Chief of the Djute tribe who sided with Bern
  • Thoril - Member of the Djute tribe
  • Maral - Member of the Djute tribe
  • Brakul - Member of the Djute tribe
  • Kudoka - Member of the Djute tribe
  • Kabul - Member of the Djute tribe
  • Chan - Member of the Djute tribe
  • Rutger - Special case as he is of mixed blood, his parents coming from both Sacae and Bern.


Sacae is the Latinized version of Saka (the pronunciation which is kept in the Japanese version). It refers to the Persian name of an ancient Iranian people who founded the Indo-Scythian kingdom in modern-day India and Pakistan. The Saka were a horse-riding people of the Central Asian steppes similar to the in-game nomads of Sacae.

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