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“Lord Runan, at least let me accompany you as far as Balt! I must find my father. I’ve already made up my mind. I’m going with you whether you like it or not!”
—Sasha, after Runan liberates Wellt

Sasha (サーシャ Sāsha) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the princess of Wellt and the daughter of King Loffaru and Queen Liza. She is being pursued by her chancellor, Duke Codha, who schemes to seize control of Wellt.


Sasha is introduced alongside Kate when they are fleeing from Codha's army at the beginning of the game. After Runan and his knights come to their aid, she accepts his offer to escort her to Verge and seek assistance from Duke Merlon. At this time, it is revealed that she and Runan knew each other as children and his father intended for them to be betrothed. In Chapter 6, Sasha speaks with Mel, who gives the ☆Pegasus Flute to her at Liza's request.

After the capital of Wellt is liberated and Codha is imprisoned to await Loffaru's judgment, Sasha reunites with Liza, whom she convinces to let her stay in Runan's army. One of her reasons is that she wants to find her missing father.

If Sasha is sent with Holmes's army after the first route split, she has a conversation with him in which she recognizes the jade pendant around his neck, despite being unable to remember where she saw it. In the series of events triggered by this, it is revealed that Sasha and Holmes are half-siblings due to him being Liza's son with Vals. When Runan and Holmes invade the Gerxel Church's temple towards the end of the game, she can recruit Kate if both of them were sent with the same army after the third route split.

In the epilogue, Sasha returns to Wellt and continues to live with Loffaru and Liza.


Sasha is a kindhearted and determined individual who never changes her mind once she has made a decision. She does not easily notice if she has offended someone and often speaks carelessly, even in the royal court, which Liza scolds her for. She also has no intention of inheriting the throne of Wellt because Loffaru intends to give it to Holmes instead.

In a conversation with Mahter, Sasha mentions that she dreams of becoming a pegasus knight and excitedly imagines flying freely in the sky. She has always wanted to have an older brother, particularly one like Holmes. She also cares a lot about Kate and feels useless without her by her side.

In GameEdit


She appears as an NPC in Map 1. Have Runan talk to her. If she is kept alive, she will return in Map 3.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
Princess Princess TS group foot Foot Soldier
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv
1 18 2 2 3 6 6 2 4
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Charisma Charisma
TS Gale Gale (Lv 8 Princess)
TS Elite Elite (Lv 10 Princess)
TS Continue Continue (Lv 15)
TS Re-Move Re-Move (Pegasus Knight)

TS SwordSword

TS Short SwordShort Sword

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Wlv Def Mov
40% 20% 20% 30% 50% 40% 30% 15% 0%



Item Required Promoted Class
Dragon Flute ☆Pegasus Flute Pegknight Pegasus Knight
HP Str Mag Skl Agl Def Wlv Mov
+2 +3 +6 +2 +4 +1 +0 +3

Additional PromotionEdit

Item Required Promoted Class
Dragon Flute Dragon Flute Pegknight Pegasus KnightDragknight Dragon Knight
HP Str Mag Skl Agl Def Wlv Mov
+5 +3 -6 +3 -1 +4 +2 +0


Sasha is a poor unit at the beginning, having barely any Strength or Skill, which in turn makes it difficult for her to defeat enemies. Her growths are typical of a Pegasus Knight; high Agility, Skill, and Luck, with poor Strength and Defense. A major advantage that only she has is that she can promote twice, once to Pegasus Knight and again to Dragon Knight. This gives her many promotion bonuses and will likely result in her having higher stats than Mahter at higher levels. Compared to the other four possible Dragon Knights, she competes with them well and using her is recommended. 

Another advantage that Sasha possesses is that she learns the Elite skill once she reaches level 10, which makes training her much easier. She also receives support bonuses from the largest number of characters out of anyone in the game, and since many of these characters are also good units, this is a major advantage that helps with training her in the earlier stages of the game. Combined with flight, this gives her a lot of utility value.


  • Sasha is one of the two characters in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga whose dismounted map sprite and battle model does not change after promotion, the other being Raffin.


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