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“A Satori Sign...don't see these very often.”
Tibarn to Reyson

Satori Sign (悟りの符号 Satori no fugō, lit. Sign of Enlightenment) is a special item that is unique to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. An item that can only be used by Laguz units at least Level 30 and above, the Satori Sign imparts their respective Mastery Skills to them and increases their Constitution. Satori Signs function similarly to the Occult Scrolls that appeared in Path of Radiance, in the sense that both items impart Mastery Skills to their users. However, unlike Occult Scrolls, Satori Signs can only be used by Laguz units; they must also be at least Level 30, as opposed to the original requirement of Level 15. As Beorc units acquire their Mastery Skills automatically upon promoting into their respective third-tier classes, they thus do not require an Occult Scroll-like item to be fashioned for their use.

Item InformationEdit

Item StatsEdit

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
FE10satorisign Satori Sign 1 - Permanently assigns Level 30+ Laguz units the Mastery Skill corresponding to their classes; maxes out their skill capacity.

Skills TaughtEdit

  • Wolves (Volug and Nailah): Savage - Triples user's strength and halves the opponent's skill for one turn
  • Tigers and Lions (Muarim, Mordecai, Kyza, Skrimir, Caineghis and Giffca): Roar - Triples user's strength and stuns the opponent for one turn
  • Ravens and Hawks (Vika, Nealuchi, Janaff, Ulki, Naesala and Tibarn): Tear - Triples user's strength and halves the opponent's speed for one turn
  • Cats (Lethe, Lyre and Ranulf): Rend - Quintuples user's strength and stuns the opponent for one turn
  • Dragons (Kurthnaga, Ena, Nasir and Gareth): Ire - Triples damage dealt to an opponent
  • Herons do not have a Mastery Skill, since their level-increasing Galdrar abilities already count as a Mastery Skill.

Item LocationsEdit

Method Location
Base Conversation Part 3: Ch. 10 - View the base conversation titled "Giffca".

Part 4:
Prologue - View the base conversation titled "Skrimir".
Ch. 2 - View the base conversation titled "Reyson".

Treasure Part 4: Ch. 1 - Hidden in the corresponding map.


The name 'Satori' is taken from the Japanese word meaning 'understanding' or 'enlightenment'.

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