Savage Blow (死の吐息 Shi no Toiki lit. Breath of Death) is a Skill introduced in Fire Emblem Fates and appears as a type C passive skill in Fire Emblem Heroes.

In Fire Emblem Heroes it can be learned without inheriting by: Camilla, Leo and Narcian.


After a battle which the user initiated (and survived), all enemies within a two tile radius of the user lose 20% of their max HP. Savage Blow's effect cannot reduce an enemy's HP below 1. It is learned by Malig Knights at Level 5 or higher.

Savage Blow can be combined with both Grisly Wound and Poison Strike which can further increase damage against nearby opponents. Combining these skills makes the user extremely dangerous; the main target will lose 60% of their health if they survive the battle, while nearby opponents in a two-tile radius of the user take 20%.


Fire Emblem FatesEdit

Name Activation Capacity
Deadly Breath Savage Blow - -
Effects When user triggers the battle, enemies within a 2 tile radius
have their HP reduced by 20% after the battle.
Notes Learned by Malig Knights at Level 5 or higher.

Fire Emblem HeroesEdit

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