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Scorched Sand
GameFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
ObjectiveDefeat all enemy units
Units Allowed12
Units GainedEirika's route: Ephraim, Duessel, Knoll

Ephraim's route: Eirika, Saleh, Innes

BossCaellach and Valter


Hidden Item Locations

“Ephraim's sister is in danger. Grado's General Caellach has attacked Jehanna Hall, forcing its surrender. Though Eirika and her troop have left the Hall, Grado's forces pursue them relentlessly. Trapped in the burning desert, enemy forces close in on them from all sides. With no time to wait for Frelia's troops, Ephraim leaves for Jehanna immediately. He must go to his sister's aid.”
—Opening Narration (Ephraim's Route)

Scorched Sand is Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is the chapter where Eirika and Ephraim's routes merge. If you took Eirika's route, Ephraim will appear along with Knoll and Duessel at the end of the second turn. If you took Ephraim's path, Eirika will appear after the first turn with Saleh and Innes. It is the chapter where you must fight both Valter and Caellach and the last chapter where you must fight the Grado army.

Most people go after Caellach, as he has fewer troops and possesses the Hoplon Guard to shield against Valter's Killer Lance. People should draw the Berserker to the side (if you took Eirika's route), as he holds a Dragon Axe. The village should be visited too, as the old lady there will give the player a Master Seal. All the other houses do not give you anything.

A flying unit and a Thief or Rogue is recommended to obtain the rare items hidden under the sand such as the Metis's Tome and Swiftsole. Unlike other characters, Colm and Rennac will always find the hidden items once they step on the tiles they can be found in unless Colm has been promoted to an Assassin which leaves only Rennac. Do not use a flying unit carrying a Thief or Rogue:it's easier to just use Colm or a recruited Rennac, and at most have the fying unit ferry them across to reach the spots safely. There is also a Guiding Ring that can be stolen from the enemy Shaman near Valter. The Silver Card is definitely the most important item not to be missed.


Hidden ItemsEdit

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • Cavaliers will come from the two forts near Valter
  • Pegasus Knights will come from the Northeast and behind Castle Jehanna
  • Shamans will come from the North and Northwest, Turns 8-11
  • A large enemy group will come from the Southwest on Turn 8, so keep some good units at the rear to deal with them.
    • Three Mages
    • Two Cavaliers
    • Two Fighters
    • One Mercenary
    • One Paladin

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Queen of White Dunes or Father and Son
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Ruled by Madness

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