The Sea Lion (シーライオン Shīraion) is an organization from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a crew of pirates led by Holmes, the son of Admiral Vals of Granada. It travels around the world in search of treasure and ancient legends. Holmes insists that the Sea Lion's members are privateers. The group also shares its name with the ship that it sails.


  • Holmes - The captain of the Sea Lion and Vals's son.
  • Shigen - The right-hand man of Holmes, and Karla's son.
  • Xeno - A polite swordsman who was formerly a slave.
  • Yuni - An energetic thief troubled by her dark past.
  • Garo - A pirate in service to Granada and its leaders.
  • Narsus - A former member who left upon the crew's landing at Port Saura.

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