Sety links here. For the playable character, see here

Sety (セティ Seti) is one of the Twelve Crusaders that possess the title of Wind User (風使い, Kaze Tsukai), the original wielder of the Forseti tome, and the founder of Silesse. According to Queen Rahna, Sety tried to lead his people in the ways of peace rather than war and hatred.

Sety's known blood descendents are: Lewyn's father (the former king of Silesse), LewynCed (Lewyn's son according to Fire Emblem: Thracia 776), Fee (Lewyn's daughter according to Fire Emblem: Thracia 776), Musar, Maybell, Meng, Bleg, and the current vessel of Ovis. Dukes Maios and Daccar are also descendants, but do not possess minor blood in-game.

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