With Yuzu Edit

C support Edit

  • Shade: Hello, Yuzu. What are you up to?
  • Yuzu: Ah, Shade. I was taking the herbs and grains I've gathered and rolling them up.
  • Shade: Ugh! Please don't tell me...
  • Yuzu: Aye, I'm crafting more ration balls.
  • Shade: But...why? Who eats those things? I'M certainly not eating them!
  • Yuzu: This recipe has been passed down my family tree for generations!
  • Shade: I'm not disputing your recipe. I'm just saying it tastes like the end of a horse.
  • Yuzu: The ration ball contains 100 percent of one's daily nutritional needs!
  • Shade: 100 percent of which you will immediately want to throw up...
  • Yuzu: Fie! Have you no respect at all?
  • Shade: Look, I know your magic ration balls saved my life, and I'm grateful. But why not try to improve them? Maybe...make them taste better?
  • Yuzu: And change my ancestors' hallowed recipe? I could never! I've no right to alter that which for generations survived!
  • Shade: You are so stubborn. Just think about this for a second, Yuzu. Please. Whichever of your ancestors came up with it had to start from scratch, right? Which means the ration ball is SOMEONE'S creation. Maybe it's that spirit f creativity your ancestors really wanted to hand down.
  • Yuzu: *gasp* By the gods... You may be right. The scales have fallen from my eyes! I shall improve the ration ball and pass it on to my scions! Ho there, ancient recipe! You're mine now. Have at you!
  • Shade: There we go. But uh, just remember—the point is to make it taste BETTER.

B support Edit

  • Yuzu: Shade? Pray, did you relish the super ration ball I gave you?
  • Shade: ...Relish? No. No. I wouldn't say that at all. It was bad, Yuzu. Super bad.
  • Yuzu: Do you mean "bad" as in "good"? Or "bad" as in..."bad"?
  • Shade: "Bad" as in "almost shocking in its terrible-ness."
  • Yuzu: Fie... Whatever did I do wrong?
  • Shade: It's like you took a regular ration ball and drenched it in some caustic brine. Dare I ask about the secret sauce?
  • Yuzu: I used the oranges that grow around here. Lots and lots of oranges.
  • Shade: Ugh. Bad idea.
  • Yuzu: Why is that?
  • Shade: Well, okay. It's not a TERRIBLE idea, at least not on it's face. And that sourness does counter some of the ration ball's But you need to strike a better balance. I suppose the original recipe was well thought out in that regard.
  • Yuzu: *sigh* I give up.
  • Shade: Oh, stop! Oranges have other benefits, you know? They're good for the skin. And yes, I know I said it was a bad idea...but let me revise that to "a good idea which was poorly executed."
  • Yuzu: Oh? Do you mean it?
  • Shade: Yes. Just maybe use the oranges for something else. Like, instead of eating them, slice them up and make a face pack!
  • Yuzu: A...face pack? What is that?
  • Shade: It's a beauty treatment I picked up in a country I once visited. You take fruit or vegetable slices and put them on your face. They clear up blemishes on the skin and make it more supple.
  • Yuzu: Fie, it sounds like witchcraft! ...Er, does it work?
  • Shade: It works very well, thank you. If you've never tried it, I could make you one.
  • Yuzu: Nay, I've no need for vanity so long as I have my sword.
  • Shade: You see? It's that stubbornness that keeps you from making a good recipe.
  • Yuzu: It is not.
  • Shade: We are going to make face packs together, end of story. Got it?
  • Yuzu: Oh, very well. But only because you demand it of me...

A support Edit

  • Yuzu: Shade? ...Shade! I experimented with the face pack we assembled together. I must say, its boons are undeniable!
  • Shade: Hee hee. I'm glad you like it. It does do wonders for the skin. It does do wonders for the skin!
  • Yuzu: I wouldn't know about that. I speak of its other benefits.
  • Shade: Its...OTHER benefits?
  • Yuzu: The coolness of the oranges against my face transported me. When I closed my eyes, I at once felt both more calm and aware. It's as though the oranges vaulted me into some manner of meditative state.
  • Shade: Well, I suppose they do...feel nice? But the important thing is that you liked it!
  • Yuzu: The potential is staggering... The whole army must know of this! We shall ride into our next battle wearing packs of produce!
  • Shade: Ugh. Bad idea.
  • Yuzu: Again?!
  • Shade: The point is to let the nutrients in the oranges seep into your skin. It won't work if you're running around trying to kill people.
  • Yuzu: Ah. Yes. I see. But then what shall I do with all these oranges I purchased?
  • Shade: Wait. Is THAT what's in that huge bag you're lugging around? Just how many did you buy, anyway? ...Gods, there must be hundreds!
  • Yuzu: I may have become a bit overexcited at the possibilities...
  • Shade: That's for certain. You'll never use these up on your own.
  • Yuzu: Alas, what a waste.
  • Shade: Not necessarily. Give the bag here.
  • Yuzu: What will you do?
  • Shade: I'll squeeze the oranges for juice and use the peels to make jam.
  • Yuzu: What is "jam"?
  • Shade: Oh, your people don't have it? It's a preserve made by boiling fruit.
  • Yuzu: It sounds foul.
  • Shade: Oh no, it's quite good. Far better than a ration ball!
  • Yuzu: Must all your talk return to the subject of my ration balls? *sigh* Well, I suppose learning to make this "jam" might teach me about flavor.
  • Shade: There you go. That's the kind of flexible thinking you need. Come with me and I'll teach you. Oh, but you have to do the peeling.
  • Yuzu: I shall lay the peels at your feet for the jam fodder they are

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