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Shadow in the Sands
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat commander
Units AllowedChrom +12
Units GainedLaurent

“Find the last tree north of the oasis shore... Then two steps north and one step more!”
—Elder of the 4th Mirage Village

Shadow in the Sands (Land of Dancing Sand in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 14 of Fire Emblem: Awakening. The map will be unlocked once Miriel has obtained her S support with a male character.

The Goddess Staff can be obtained by moving any character two spaces down and one space left of the starting position of the boss after visiting all four Villages. Laurent can be recruited by visiting the village on the bottom left of the map with either Chrom or Miriel.



Recruiting LaurentEdit

Recruited by ChromEdit

  • Laurent: "Chrom? Is that you?"
  • Chrom: "Er, yes. And you are...?"
  • Laurent: "Ah, apologies! I am Laurent, a traveling mage and scholar. And perhaps more saliently, I am Miriel's son."
  • Chrom: "Wait, you mean OUR Miriel? Oh right. So then you must have traveled back and... Er, right?"
  • Laurent: "Excellent! Your comprehension spares me the botheration of further explication."
  • Chrom: "... Yep. You're Miriel's kid all right. So have you come all this way in search of your mother?"
  • Laurent: "Just so. She wrote of a mirage village in one of her records. I thought it might offer some clue to her current whereabouts. And acquiring the Goddess Staff is a worthy motive, besides."
  • Chrom: "Any luck with that?"
  • Laurent: "Nay, sir. Much to my vexation, staff and village both elude me."
  • Chrom: "I suppose it wouldn't be a legend if you could just stumble upon it in the market."
  • Laurent: "Well put! And yet, not all is lost. Meeting you here is success enough. I was quickly reaching the limits of what one man can do alone. Might I lend my might to your cause? I assure you I will not be a burden."
  • Chrom: "Of course. We'd love to have you."
  • Laurent: "Excelsior!"

Recruited by MirielEdit

  • Laurent: "Eureka! It's you!"
  • Miriel: "...Curious. I have no recollection of making your acquaintance. Though few things are as unreliable as the human memory."
  • Laurent: "Ah, forgive me. I forgot that you have not met me before. My name is Laurent. Are you here in search of the mirage village?"
  • Miriel: "That is my cause, yes."
  • Laurent: "Mine as well, though I fear my efforts thus far yield precious little progress. Still, an excess of evidence exists for the village to be baseless rumor alone..."
  • Miriel: "An assumption on your part, that."
  • Laurent: "Might I accompany you in your search? I feel certain that your help will lay exposed that which has eluded me alone."
  • Miriel: "Mmm. I worry your hypothesis lacks a certain scientific rigor... And yet, there exists the possibility I am in error on this count...So...yes. You are welcome to join us."
  • Laurent: "Excelsior! I assure you, I'll not be a burden."

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