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Shadowgift (暗闇の加護 Kurayami no kago lit. Dark Blessing in the Japanese version, Don oscuro in the Spanish version) is a unique Skill introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening.


Units equipped with Shadowgift are able to use Dark Magic in any tome-wielding classes outside of the Dark Mage and Sorcerer Classes. In Awakening it was a skill unique to Aversa and could be inherited by Morgan if she was the daughter of Aversa. Later, Micaiah and Katarina's DLC Einherjar also had the skill in their inventories.

In Fates, the skill became a class skill, learned by Witches at level 1 or higher.

Applicable ClassesEdit




  • Due to the inheritance system and the characters that have the skill, Shadowgift can only be wielded by female units in Awakening, much like how Conquest can only be obtained by males.
  • With Witches being a female only class in Fates, Shadowgift can only be used by males if it is inherited from their parents.
  • Due to Nosferatu being the only Dark Magic in Fates, Shadowgift is only useful for using that tome.

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