“I was raised on the Isle of Yr by Yoda the Dark Swordmaster, and I never knew about the suffering that pure-blooded Zoans endure. When I turned fifteen, I left the island on a whim to go find my real parents. Yoda told me I'd come from a proud line of Zoan warriors, so I joined the church assuming that's where they would've been. But once I started doing mercenary work for the church, I saw the tragic plight of my people with my own eyes. In every kingdom, innocent people are rounded up and put to death just for being Zoans, whether they worshipped Gerxel or not. Even Canaan, a nation descended from Zoans, persecutes its own people who they deem 'too pure-blooded.' I decided then and there that I would fight to save our people from such cruelty.”
—Shigen, in a conversation with Sherra

Shigen (シゲン) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is a member of the Sea Lion and the right-hand man of Holmes. He is also the only character who is capable of wielding the ☆Dullahan.


Shigen is the son of Karla and a dark swordsman of Zoa, which makes him the nephew of Zeek. He was born in the Theocracy of Gerxel and given the name "Theo" (テオ Teo). As an infant, he was abandoned by Karla, who became a concubine of King Bahanuke of Canaan under Gwenchaos's orders. After he and his father were separated, he was adopted by Yoda, who raised him alongside Julia. He was given the name "Shigen" by Admiral Vals of Granada.

At the age of fifteen, Shigen asked Yoda about his birth parents and discovered that they were Zoans. Afterwards, he left Il Island alone and traveled to the Theocracy of Gerxel, where he witnessed the tragic plight of the Zoans. He also became a mercenary and thought about nothing except for praying to Gerxel. However, he eventually realized that Gwenchaos has no intention of helping the Zoans and prepared to leave the theocracy. Around this time, he saved Sherra from her execution and asked her to depart with him, but she refused and called him a traitor.

Shigen is introduced after the Sea Lion Pirates win a battle against the Isla Pirates led by Maerhen. If Vega is sent with Holmes's army after the first route split, Krisheena approaches Shigen and asks him to kill Vega for her. He refuses to do it until she starts crying due to the hardships that she has endured since Vega assassinated her lover. Before Holmes's army enters a battle against bandits in Oaks, Shigen challenges Vega to a duel. As the fight prolongs, they become increasingly determined to kill each other and ignore Krisheena's attempts to stop them. Eventually, they are forced to end the duel once Holmes intervenes at Krisheena's request.

If Shigen is defeated at the Sealed Bridge, he will be saved by Sherra, who feels the need to repay him. Both of them join Holmes's army at the end of the chapter. After Katri leaves the group to stay with her parents, he becomes a mandatory character who will trigger a Game Over if he is defeated.

In the ending, Shigen boards the Sea Lion and travels around the world alongside Holmes, Katri, Runan, and Enteh. Depending on events triggered during the story, he can be accompanied by Julia, Sherra, or Krisheena.


Shigen serves the role of an adviser to Holmes and frequently makes sarcastic comments about the events occurring around him. Unlike most of his allies, he understands the situation that the Zoans are enduring and became a warrior for their sake. However, he does not feel any love for Karla, whom he cannot forgive for abandoning him and his father. He also makes fun of Julia, but states that he cannot do it anymore after she learns the Dragon Saint skill.



Automatically from the start of Map 11.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
Swordfighter (TS)Sword Fighter TS group mercenary Mercenary
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
7 25 7 0 12 14 5 5 10 5
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS ContinueContinue
SeaSea Fighter
ArenaArena Fighter (Lv 21)
RisingdragonRising Dragon (Lv 28)
TS GaleGale (Lv 38)

TS SwordSword

Dullahan Icon☆Dullahan

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Wlv Def Mov
60% 30% 5% 45% 40% 30% 30% 22% 0%

Supports Edit


Item Required Promoted Class
TRSHeroProofHero Proof SwordmasterSwordmaster
HP Str Mag Skl Agl Def Wlv Mov
+2 +3 +0 +3 +2 +1 +1 +1


Shigen is the third recruitable swordfighter who joins the player's party and rivals Vega as the best of them. He has fairly balanced stats, with his Skill and Speed being the highest. His personal sword, the ☆Dullahan, revives him whenever he reaches 0 HP with it equipped, making him an excellent tank. However, as typical for a unit of his class, his defensive stats are rather poor. Because he is required for deployment in many of Holmes's chapters, he is highly recommended to use and an asset to the team.


Death QuotesEdit

  • Before Map 24

Shigen: Gah... This is the end, huh...? Holmes... I'm sorry, buddy...
Holmes: No... Shigen's been killed?! That's ridiculous! I won't believe it! He can't just die like that! ... Shigen... Tell me it's not true... You can't be dead...
Sherra: Shigen... I will not let you die...

  • After Map 24

Shigen: Kuh... This is where it ends, huh? Holmes... Sorry, my friend...
Holmes: ... Shigen... Tell me it's not true... You can't be dead...


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