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The Shrine of Seals lies in the land of Elibe, in a secret location in Bern. It was built by Hartmut after he founded Bern in the aftermath of The Scouring. The Shrine is a massive structure surrounded by forests and mountains in a secluded location so to safeguard the Seal of the Legendary Weapons of Elibe, and the Sword of Seals.

Because of the calamity of the Ending Winter, man feared the power of the Legendary Weapons of Elibe. They hid them in secluded locations throughout the continent and Brammimond placed a magic seal on all of them which only he himself could break. In Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken, Athos, Eliwood and friends convince Brammimond to lift the continental seal, so that the apocalyptic weapons could be accessed once again.

The Shrine of Seals is the location for two of battles in the series of Fire Emblem. A Cog of Destiny, and The Sword of Seals.

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