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Sibling Blades
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat commander
Units Allowed13
Units Gained-

“The dynasts' betrayal forces the Ylissean League to retreat and divide. Their main force marches on Yen'fay, while Basilio takes on Walhart despite the dangers.”
—Opening Narration

Sibling Blades (Siblings of the Sword in the Japanese version) is Chapter 18 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


Sibling Blades/Script


In this chapter, your units start at the top of the map, with Yen'fay all the way on the other side. For this map, high-ranged units are very essential because in this chapter, the units stand on hardened lava slabs that sink every turn (but not entirely) from top row to the bottom row, and if there are any units standing in the lava, they recieve 10 HP of damage every turn. Treasures also appear on this map, but will sink into the lava below in a certain amount of turns, so in this case, an Assassin or Trickster will be a good character to traverse with if they have Locktouch. Because you only have a certain amount of turns to stand on a lava slab before it sinks, you must keep moving to the other side of the map. However, doing this will not be easy, as the paths are very narrow, allowing only one or two units to pass through. Because of this, you should make the best use out of Pair Ups with your strongest units and split into teams, allowing the best possible advance to Yen'fay.

If you manage to get your units to Yen'fay, make sure you don't send in Archers or Mages to attack from a distance. Yen'fay's sword, Amatsu, allows him to attack units up to 2 blocks away - effectively merging a melee fighter class and an Archer class into one weapon. This means that unlike the Levin Sword, Amatsu can deal physical damage from a distance. It is best to send units like Chrom and Say'ri, who wield close-range weapons, to attack Yen'fay.

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Inexorable Death
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The Threat of Silence or The Conqueror

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