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Silver Card TCG

Silver Card in the TCG.

The SilvercardSilver Card(シルバーカード) is an item that, when equipped to a character, is able to purchase items and weapons in armories and shops for half the original cost. The selling price would then be equal to the purchase price for that character. There is only one Silver Card available in each game.

In Radiant Dawn, unlike other games, this item will disappear after you leave the base.

In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the Silver Card cannot be used in the Battle Preparations Menu or the Online Shop.

In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the Silver Card only needs to sit in the Convoy to grant it's effect. It can be sold but only gives 0 gold. It does not need to be equipped by a unit.


  • FE1 Chapter 14 - In a Chest
  • Silvercard FE3 Book 1: Chapter 11 - In a Chest
  • Silvercard FE3 Book 2: Chapter 10 - Enemy Thief (wait until after turn 10 to kill any enemies and then a Thief reinforcement will come on the right end of the chapter, use a ranged fighter to get at him as he appears behind a wall.)
  • Silvercard FE6: Chapter 14 - hidden in the desert sand
  • Silvercard FE7: Enemy Aion (steal) (Hard mode only) (Also available via linking with the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc)
  • Silvercard FE8: Chapter 15 - hidden in the desert sand
  • FE10: Part 3 Chapter 2 - from a base conversation
  • FE11silvercard FE11: Chapter 14 - in a Chest
  • FE11silvercard FE12: Chapter 10 - pass chapter without killing any unarmed healers.
  • Silver Card FE13 FE13Infinite Regalia DLC - Reward for completion

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