Silver Weapons (銀の武器 Gin no Buki) are some of the highest leveled weapons found in most Fire Emblem games.

In most of the games Silver weapons appear in, they are known for their very high damage against enemies, even against those with high defense. Lighter then steel weapons and more powerful, Silver weapons are usually reserved for strong opponents and endgame usage. Maintaining an army with silver weapons is unfeasible though, because they are often appear late-game, relatively expensive to buy, have less durability then lower grade weapons and have a high weapon rank requirement in order to use.

In Fates, this is offset with an infinite weapon durability mechanic, making silver weapons a bit better than in the old games. However, they come at a cost of -5 critical evasion and drop the user's Strength and Skill by 2 points after the battle is over (recovering 1 Strength/Skill per turn), making it unfeasible to bring a few units with silver weapons to clear the map.

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