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“In Valm Harbor, the Ylisseans rescue Say'ri, a resistance leader. They set out to free Naga's "Voice," hoping to inspire others to their cause.”
—Opening Narration

Smoldering Resistance (Signal Fire of Liberation in the Japanese version) is Chapter 15 of Fire Emblem Awakening.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

Your units will be placed in the stairs near the shore, where there are a lot of Valmese soldiers to fight against. Say'ri is in the top right corner of the map, surrounded by two Knights. On Normal, they should not be too dangerous, but on Hard and Lunatic it is recommended to get to her quickly or use a Rescue staff since the Knights will hit much harder and more often. Ignore the enemy units on the shore as they should not be much of a threat as, like in Plegia, the sand limits the movement of non-magical units. 

Visit every house to get various items, and after all the units are defeated simply rush Farber to complete the level.

Items ObtainedEdit

  • Bullion (L) (from eastern house)
  • Physic (from house left of the eastern one)
  • Arms Scroll (from house right of the western one)
  • Second Seal (from western house)
  • Arcthunder (from defeating the Dark Knight in the southwest)
  • Master Seal (from defeating Farber)
  • Steel Lance (from defeating the Knight in the southwest)

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