Soan is mentioned as one of Ashera's Three Heroes in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Soan is likely one of the first members of the lion tribe. After saving the world from destruction by Yune and successfully sealing her within Lehran's Medallion, Soan became the second King of Begnion, after Altina (although due to a mistranslation, the English version of Radiant Dawn claims that he was the second king of Gallia instead). Due to his name's similarity with Stefan's Japanese name "Soanvalcke" and his color , which is green , he is suggested to be a distant ancestor of the Branded swordsman, though it is unknown if this is because Soan himself fathered a Branded child, or if a later descendent did. It should be noted that in the one picture he is seen in, Soan is of great size, with most men coming only to his shoulder.

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