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Most Fire Emblem games have some source of infinite experience where players can acquire indefinite amounts of experience, usually in exchange for some form of risk or money.

This list does not include Boss Abuse, which when used in certain situation could end up being almost infinite sources of experience, as the player will eventually run out of weapons.

Dodge Abuse is when a unit repeatedly dodges an enemy's attack, generally gaining 1 EXP per dodge. However, this does not apply to all games, as some games in the series do not grant exp for only dodging. The unit un-equips or trades away their weapons so that it cannot counterattack, and as long as the enemy misses, the enemy's weapon will never break. Unless it is a magic tome or ballista. This is best done if the enemy has a 0% or incredibly low chance of hitting the unit. In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the unit can be positioned on top of a ledge, giving a 50% bonus to avoid and making it much easier to dodge an attack. This tactic requires the enemy to have a ranged weapon such as a Hand Axe or Javelin. There is also priest abuse in which, like in boss abuse, a character repeatedly attacks, while the priest is healed every turn by his staff.

Heron Abuse is when the player passes turns repeatedly, making the Heron chant every turn until the Heron's level is at maximum. This only works to level up the Herons in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. In other Fire Emblem games, the same tactic can be done with Dancers or Bards.

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