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"Tiki is my Wife" P to Avatar (Fates)
Avatar (Shin Monshō no Nazo) to Boyd/Supports
Bozen to Critical + 5
Critical Evade to Dragon Knights of Thracia
Dragon Laguz to Fang
Far-Healing Staff to Free Knight
Freedom to Hanon
Hard Mode to Iss
Istvan to Leanne
Leather Shield to Loputousu (character)
Loputousu (tome) to Mia/supports
Micaiah to Ogma's Sword
Ogre to Raise the Standard
Rajaion to Rucke
Rude to Silver Lance
Silver Longbow to Sword Armor
Sword Armour to Thoron
Thracia to Waterside Renvall
Wayu to ☆Wundergust

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