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* to Axe Armor
Axe Armour to Broken Bow
Broken Lance to Dagon
Dahha to Dying Blaze
Dyute to Fir/Supports
Fire to Garcia (The Sacred Stones)/Supports
Garden of Giants to Heron tribe
Heste to Kariru
Karla to Lion King Eldigan
Lion King Eltshan to Magic stat
Magicslayer Thunder to Mystletainn
Mánagarm to Phili Shield
Philip to Restore
Retaking the Capital to Shadow in the Sands/Script
Shadowgift to Steel Blade (Skill)
Steel Bow to The Misty Isles/Script
The Nest of Vice to Veteran’s Intuition
Veyona to Zofia
Zofia Castle to ☆Wundergust

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