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Spirits are enemies fought in the last two parts of the final chapter of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. There are three kinds of spirits, each one representing an element of the anima trinity of magic:

These spirits possess the highest movement of any unit in the Fire Emblem series, and wield their own unique weapons akin to their element. These weapons cannot be unequipped and have infinite usage. One unique thing about these weapons is that they do not incur bonus damage. The magic weapon triangle can effect a spirit's attack accuracy, for example; a wind spirit has low accuracy against Fire Magic.


  • Although it does not show up in their Skills page, Spirits hold the skill Guard when the player is facing Sephiran.
  • Spirits will not attack or counterattack against Micaiah or Sephiran.
  • Spirits are able to heal allies.
  • It is possible to Disarm the spirits.


  • The spirits do not have full-fledged battle animations, so their three possible attack animations are always seen from the map.

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