Squad Assault is a special game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes where all maps are at Lunatic difficulty. Each Squad Assault costs 20 Stamina points and it consists of 5 maps. Each map of the assault require a team of four unique heroes, meaning heroes and their duplicates deployed in a map cannot be deployed in later maps. However, like the Grand Hero Battle maps, if a single unit from any team falls during an assault, the game is over. Upon clearing an assault, players earn Sacred Seals and Orbs as rewards.

List of Assaults Edit

Name Rewards Maps Release Dates
1st Assault Squad Ace A

2 Orbs

Chapter 1-1: Mystery Trial

Chapter 2-1: Conquest Trial

Chapter 3-1: Binding Trial

Chapter 4-1: Awakening Trial

Chapter 5-1: Return to Mystery

July 5, 2017
2nd Assault Squad Ace B

2 Orbs

Chapter 6-1: Birthright Trial

Chapter 7-1: Blazing Trial

Chapter 8-1: Sinister Shadow

Chapter 9-1: Loyalty and Ambition

Chapter 10-1: Radiant Mercenaries

August 7, 2017
3rd Assault Squad Ace C

2 Orbs

Paralogue 1-1: Sacred Bond

Paralogue 2-1: Brothers and Sisters

Paralogue 3-1: Vengeful Mercenary

Paralogue 4-1: Bright Blooms

Paralogue 5-1: Legendary Hero

September 6, 2017
4th Assault Squad Ace D

2 Orbs

Paralogue 6-1: Martial Bliss

Paralogue 7-1: Wayward One

Paralogue 8-1: Sunny Sneak Attack

Paralogue 9-1: Nohr on the Shore

Paralogue 10-1: A Lecture Fit for Royalty

October 9, 2017
5th Assault Squad Ace E

2 Orbs

Chapter 1-2: Willful Warrior

Chapter 2-2: Lovely Bloom

Chapter 3-2: Two Noblewomen

Chapter 4-2: Blade and Dancer

Chapter 5-2: Captive Princess

November 27, 2017
6th Assault Squad Ace F

2 Orbs

Chapter 6-2: Vain Prince

Chapter 7-2: Two Noblemen

Chapter 8-2: Napping Dragon

Chapter 9-2: Nobility and Vanity

Chapter 10-2: A Mercenary's Pride

January 10, 2018
7th Assault Squad Ace G

2 Orbs

Paralogue 1-2: Holy War's Bond

Paralogue 2-2: Siblings of Thunder

Paralogue 3-2: Sword Demon

Paralogue 4-2: Painted Eggs

Paralogue 5-2: Into the Forest

February 8, 2018
8th Assault Squad Ace H

2 Orbs

Paralogue 6-2: Groomed for Combat

Paralogue 7-2: Led by the Nose

Paralogue 8-2: Seaside Trouble

Paralogue 9-2: Shipwrecked

Paralogue 10-2: The Heirs of Frelia

March 8, 2018
9th Assault Squad Ace I

2 Orbs

Chapter 1-3: Wind and Light

Chapter 2-3: Callous Prince

Chapter 3-3: Desert Dragons

Chapter 4-3: Big Ambush

Chapter 5-3: No Way Out

April 10, 2018