“Have I violated the goddess's laws? Have my parents? No. Whatever happened was done by some forgotten ancestor. My parents are beorc, as were their parents before them. I do not know who is responsible for what I am. But now, after many generations, their sin has appeared in me. I bear no guilt, but the badge of impurity is mine to wear.”
—Stefan to Mordecai in a support conversation

Stefan (ソーンバルケ Sōnbaruke, Soanvalcke in the Japanese versions) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is an extremely skilled and powerful swordsman who resides in a colony of Branded in the Grann Desert, and a direct descendant from Soan, one of Ashera's Three Heroes, as mentioned in the Path of Radiance artbook.


A branded who was born from the union of a Beorc and a lion Laguz, Stefan lived with fellow branded in a hidden village he founded within the Grann Desert, wielding the sacred sword known as the Vague Katti.

Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceEdit

He appeared on a whim during the Mad King’s War, with no real plan or aim in mind. He witnessed Ike’s swordsmanship, feeling it was unpolished, and offered to train him as a second teacher. He treated it all as nothing more than an entertaining pastime for him.

Fire Emblem: Radiant DawnEdit

After seeing to the end of the Mad King’s War with his own eyes three years ago, he returned to his village. But when he saw Micaiah, a branded, being pursued by Lekain’s forces, he appeared in front of her wielding the legendary Vague Katti, as anyone who attacks a fellow branded is an enemy in his eyes.

When he finally got a chance to confront the Goddess Yune about the branded and the taboo surrounding them, she revealed that she does not even know what a “branded” is. Stefan came to understand the whole reason behind the persecution of his kind was nothing more than a lie spun by some other party. He could not help but break out into a choking laughter, one with a complicated mix of self-mockery, anger, and sorrow.

After the events of the game, he establishes a settlement of Branded, which eventually grows into an independent nation.


Stefan is a loner, and his life as a Branded has shaped his personality. The Branded often have capabilities far exceeding that of any beorc, and in Stefan's case, it is his prowess with the blade. He knows much about swordsmanship and can judge another's prowess very well, as in Path of Radiance he offers to teach Ike some, as he can tell by watching alone that Ike's style is powerful, but incomplete. In a special conversation in the battle with Homasa, Stefan reveals that he is very confident in his abilities and has respect for the lives of other fighters, in the conversation Homasa recognizes Stefan's skill as a fencer, but Stefan suggests that Homassa steps down and not fight because his skill level is much lower than Stefan's.

In his support conversations with Soren, it is revealed that Stefan dislikes both Beorc and Laguz because they shun the Branded, stating that the Beorc fear the Branded for their power. He also says that the Laguz are the worst when it comes to dealing with the Branded, as they ignore them completely like they do not even exist. He believes this to be the fate of all Branded, and he believes they should become independent (although originally he believed it might have been possible to live with Crimea and Gallia), hence he and other branded reside in the Grann Desert and Stefan acts as a hermit. Because of this distaste for most of the people of Tellius, the guise of the hermit was perfect as it allowed him to be a loner. He never made true connections with others in Path of Radiance, only acting as a teacher for Ike, a guide for Soren, and an exchanger of ideas with Mordecai, the one he becomes closest with. In Radiant Dawn, he can become friends with another character, something he finds odd, as he never truly cared for another, since his life was full of hate.

The isolation of being Branded caused him to understand things in a broader perspective, and question normal thought. In his conversation with Mordecai in Path of Radiance, he questions if the goddess' laws are really what they interpret them to be. He interacts with Yune who does not understand what he is, as being Branded is not something the goddesses predicted, and Yune thought at first Micaiah was the only one, but then caught on that there were more. Stefan then laughs when Yune says there are no 'Goddess' Laws' saying that Beorc and Laguz cannot have children, which Stefan takes as a sign that all the pain and suffering was for nothing.

Stefan also said that the Laguz can sense Branded and feel uneasy when they are around. Saying even if the Laguz do not know it directly they will still feel odd when around them and they will be shunned, something that would be demonstrated by Vika in her interactions with Micaiah.

He is also very protective of other Branded. He states it as his reason for joining Micaiah when she and the Silver Army are fighting Ashera's Disciples of Order in the Grann Desert.


In Path of Radiance he appears no different than a regular enemy in the swordmaster class looking almost identical to Zihark, bearing the same robe he does in the hue of his blue coat shown in his artwork, also sporting his purple jacket underneath, however it is barely visible.

In Radiant Dawn he looks almost exactly as his artwork depicts him, using an almost completely different character skin than the default Trueblade. While using him in battle he wears his coat on one arm letting the other dangle, though his purple jacket is shown underneath. He also sports a turtle neck as his undershirt, unlike other characters of the same class.

In GameEdit

Path of RadianceEdit


  • Chapter 15: Send Lethe or Mordecai 2 spaces left and 1 space down from the top right hand corner of the map.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Affinity
FE9 Stefan Swordmaster SpriteSwordmaster FE9HeavenHeaven
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Wt Mov
8 38 19 8 27 25 5 12 9 13 13 7
Skills Weapon Starting Items

FE9 AstraAstra

FE9 SwordSword - S

FE9vagueKattiVague Katti

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
70% 50% 20% 40% 55% 25% 35% 30%

Support ConversationsEdit

See also: Stefan/Supports


Unlike most pre-promotes, whom possess average or below average stats, Stefan's stats rival his biggest competitors, Mia and Zihark. Stefan will more than often cap his Strength, Skill, and Speed. In addition, he can use any non-personal swords immediately when he joins, and also comes with the powerful Astra skill. However, his luck rating is notably lower than some of your other units; should you use him, giving him an Ashera Icon or two is advised to help him compensate for that. Putting aside his luck rating, he is a powerful unit whose potential can be put into action once he joins. His Heaven affinity makes him an excellent wielder of the Gamble skill after receiving support bonuses, though doing such would require removing his powerful Astra skill.

Radiant DawnEdit


  • Part 4, Chapter 3: Send Micaiah 1 space left and 13 spaces down from the top right hand corner of the map. Lethe or Mordecai can also recruit him if data transfer has been applied.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Endgame
P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 E P 1 2 3 E P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 E P 1 2 3 4 5 E A1 A2 A3 A4 A5

◎=Forced ○=Available □=Available for selected △=Reinforcement

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Affinity
FE10 Stefan Trueblade SpriteTrueblade FE10HeavenHeaven
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Wt Mov
8 53 27 7 37 36 20 21 16 13 13 7
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Critical 20Critical + 20

FE10 SwordSword - SS

VaguekattiVague Katti

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
55% 50% 20% 60% 60% 15% 40% 50%


RD Biorhythm A


Path of Radiance Edit

“Find me when you come to the dunes. We can sit and talk, with no fighting.”

Radiant Dawn Edit

  • Lion-Blooded (獅子の末裔)

Stefan gathered like-minded individuals to form a tiny, independent settlement which later became a great country.


Path of RadianceEdit

Recruitment Conversation Edit

With Lethe Edit
  • Lethe: Sniff... Hm? I...sense...something... Grr...Must be my imagination...
  • Stefan: A female cat! Splendid! I've not seen your face in these parts before.
  • Lethe: Aaah! Wh-where... Where did you come from?
  • Stefan: Oh, I see that I've startled you. My apologies.
  • Lethe: Who are you?
  • Stefan: If you wish to learn someone's name, isn't it polite to introduce yourself first?
  • Lethe: Grrr... I am Lethe. From Gallia.
  • Stefan: And I... am Stefan! I live here in this desolate wasteland, playing at being a hermit.
  • Lethe: Is that so? Well, don't let me interrupt
  • Stefan: Oh no! Please don't worry about it.
  • Lethe: Oh, I won't. ...And?
  • Stefan: What?
  • Lethe: Why are you standing there staring at me?
  • Stefan: I'm interested in Gallia's beast tribes. Fascinating, really. I have an Idea! Can we go somewhere and talk?
  • Lethe: ...I don't think so.
  • Stefan: Why not?
  • Lethe: My companions and I are in the middle of a battle! I've no time to chitchat with you!
  • Stefan: Very well... Then I will help you! And once this battle is finished, you'll have time to converse, yes?
  • Lethe: I suppose...perhaps...
  • Stefan: Right! Off we go then!
  • Lethe: ...What sort of lunatic have I found now?
With Mordecai Edit
  • Mordecai: Sniff... Urrrr? Something' sand... Mmmrrr??
  • Stefan: Nope! I'm over here.
  • Mordecai: So there you are. You are...good at hiding.
  • Stefan: To be praised by one of the beast tribes is an honor! I am Stefan! I live here in this desolate wasteland, playing at being a hermit. Who are you? I haven't seen you in these parts before.
  • Mordecai: I am Mordecai, a warrior of Gallia. This is the first time I have walked beyond the borders of my country.
  • Stefan: I thought that might be the case...And I was right. Hoooo! I'm ever so clever!
  • Stefan: Mordecai, listen here. I'm interested in the beast tribes of Gallia. Would you mind talking with me? I'll buy dinner!
  • Mordecai: Um... My friends and I are fighting, so I...cannot. Sorry.
  • Stefan: Very well, then! I will help you. Once this battle is finished, you'll have time to converse, yes?
  • Mordecai: All right. If you will fight with us,then I will call Stefan a friend. Later, we will talk about Gallia.
  • Stefan: I'm looking forward to it. Right then, off we go!
  • Mordecai: Yes! Off we go!...Right...then...

Non-laguz Unit "Recruitment" Edit

If a character other than Mordecai or Lethe lands on Stefan's block, the following conversation will be initiated instead. Stefan will give you the Vague Katti, but will not join your party if "recruited" by a non-laguz unit. Additionally, he will have a unique conversation with Soren if Soren ends his turn on Stefan's block; however, the end result of doing so is the same as using any other non-laguz unit.

With Non-Laguz Unit Edit

Non-laguz unit: Huh?

Stefan: Oh, look at you! Lost in a place like this... What an odd duck you must be. Hmm...It would be a shame to see you go home empty-handed, though. I will give you this as a memento! Now, in exchange... I ask you to treat our meeting as a dream and let it fade from your memory. And now, I bid thee...farewell!

With Soren Edit
  • Soren: Woah!
  • Stefan: Are you lost, young one? What are you doing in this place?
  • Soren: What are YOU doing here? Are you with the sub-humans? ...Wait, did you just pop out of the sand?
  • Stefan: Mmm...
  • Soren: What?
  • Stefan: ...Hmm. It seems I made an error.
  • Soren: What are you talking about? You're not--
  • Stefan: I was wrong. It's nothing. I've no use for you.
  • Soren: Oh. All right, then.
  • Stefan: Hold!
  • Soren: What now?
  • Stefan: It would be a shame to see you go home empty-handed, though. I will give you this as a memento! Now, in exchange... I ask you to treat our meeting as a dream and let it fade from your memory. And now, I bid thee...farewell!

Death QuoteEdit

“My sword has been beaten... Impressive. It is moments like this that make life worth living. I'm leaving for now. But, truly, I hope to see you again.”
—Stefan's death quote in Path of Radiance

Radiant DawnEdit

Recruitment ConversationEdit

With Micaiah Edit
  • Stefan: Hello! How can I help?
  • Micaiah: What? Who--
  • Stefan: You and I were born under the same fate.
  • Micaiah: "Same fate"? Do you also carry the mark?
  • Stefan: Indeed. I don't know who you are fighting, or why. But attacking my kin in the desert is the same as attacking me. I will not let them leave this place alive.
  • Micaiah: My friend... May I ask your name?
  • Stefan: When you ask someone's name, isn't it proper to give your name first?
  • Micaiah: S-sorry. I'm Micaiah.
  • Stefan: And I am Stefan. Well met. Let's go.
With Lethe Edit

This recruitment option requires a data transfer from Path of Radiance; otherwise, you will not be able to recruit Stefan using Lethe.

Lethe: I remember you!

Stefan: What a pleasure to see you again, noble dame of Gallia.

Lethe: It’s Lethe. I see that you were spared from petrification. I’m glad.

Stefan: Petrification? I’d like to hear more about that, but there seems to be some sort of battle on.

Lethe: We only seem to run into each other when I’m fighting for my life. Sorry I don’t have the time to catch up.

Stefan: Ah, well, that’s easily fixed. I shall help you win the battle, so we can talk properly. How does that sound?

Lethe: Sounds just like old times. It’s good to fight with you again, Stefan.

With Mordecai Edit

This recruitment option requires a data transfer from Path of Radiance; otherwise, you will not be able to recruit Stefan using Mordecai.

Moredecai: Stefan! What are you doing here?

Stefan: That’s what I was about to ask you! I came to see what all the noise in my desert was about.

Moredecai: Ah, so you didn’t get turned to stone! That is very good!

Stefan: Stone? What are you talking about? I suppose you’ll have to fill me in later. Let’s fight off the enemy together.

Moredecai: Good! Mordecai is happy to fight with Stefan again!

Stefan: And I as well, Mordecai.

Battle Conversation Edit

With Numida Edit

Numida: Wh-who are you?!

Stefan: I am the desert, and I brook no intrusion. Make peace with your goddess.

Death Quote Edit

“Unbelievable! You shattered my sword…”
—Stefan's death quote in Radiant Dawn


  • Stefan is presently the only character in the entire Fire Emblem series that can only be recruited by moving a certain character to a certain spot on the map, as well the only character to do this twice, both times being on desert maps, and both times having him buried in the sand only to pop out and confound the character that found him.
  • If a unit other than Lethe or Mordecai waits on the Stefan recruitment spot in Path of Radiance, he will give the unit his Vague Katti and vanish into the desert instead of joining.
  • In both games, he appears at Level 8 of the final tier of the Myrmidon class with Astra and with Vague Katti.
  • Stefan, Calill, Haar, and Tauroneo are the only characters from Path of Radiance to appear at the same level in Radiant Dawn.
  • In the 2017 Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends poll, Stefan from Path of Radiance ranked 336th with 550 votes while Stefan from Radiant Dawn ranked 302nd with a total of 675 votes.


Stefan is a variation of "Stephen". Saint Stephen was a deacon who was stoned to death, as shown in the Book of Acts. His martyrdom was witnessed by Saul of Tarsus (later known as Paul).


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