Not to be confused with Replacement characters

Substitute characters are a set of playable characters who appear exclusively in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. They appear in the second generation if some of the female characters from the first generation were left unpaired or died before reaching the end.

They are called substitutes because they take the place of the corresponding children characters of the second generation. Their role in the story is essentially the same as their children counterparts and they have similar or identical dialogue and events. However, some substitutes have special hidden events, such as Laylea obtaining the Barrier Sword from Anna. Their names are different than those of the children units and their appearance is usually different from them. They also have fixed base stats, growth rates, equipment, and skills.

While the substitute characters have different and usually inferior stats to their corresponding children, some of them have features that make them stand out. Linda can use the powerful Thoron tome prior to her promotion to Mage Fighter and possesses the Elite skill, unlike Tine. Charlot can obtain the Berserk and has Elite as well, unlike Coirpre. Hawk also has excellent base stats and a decent weapon/staff selection, although he is generally outclassed by Ced.

The substitute characters are not as customizable as their children counterparts and generally lack Holy Blood, which places them at a disadvantage because it limits their weapon selection. Their disadvantages are actually acknowledged in the story by some of them such as Muirne, Deimne, and Asaello. Daisy also does a variant of this, as she is a large fan of Shannan (To the point where she starts to annoy Shannan slightly when he is trying to get the Balmung, as she keeps cutting him off due to her being extremely excited to meet him).

List of Substitute CharactersEdit

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