Sumeragi (スメラギ) is a character from Fire Emblem Fates.


Sumeragi is the deceased king of Hoshido. He is the father of Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura through his first wife, Ikona, and the stepfather of the Avatar by marrying Mikoto. He also is the paternal grandfather of Shiro and Kiragi.

Prior to the events of Fates, Garon called Sumeragi to Cheve to discuss negotiation terms due to the war between Hoshido and Nohr. Sumeragi took the Avatar with them, believing that Garon was willing to end the war. When he arrived, Garon revealed to him that it was a trap, and ordered his soldiers to attack. Sumeragi sacrificed himself so that the Avatar would be protected from the barrage of arrows, then was finished by Garon.

The truth of his relation to the Avatar can be revealed in one of two ways; the most common being if the Avatar achieves an S-support with the Hoshidan royals. Alternatively, in Chapter 24 of Revelation, Mikoto herself will reveal the Avatar’s origin. Sumeragi will further elaborate in the following chapter with his side of the story.

As the Avatar is stated to be the middle child, it is likely that Sumeragi’s first wife, Ikona, was still alive, as Sakura was presumably not yet born.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

All RoutesEdit

In Chapter 5, Sumeragi appears as a hooded man, drawing the Avatar's Ganglari to him in an attempt to kill the Avatar. He explodes the sword at the town square, destroying most of the surrounding area and killing the people at the square. Despite this, the Avatar still survives. In response, Sumeragi uses the sword to throw shards of metal at them, but Mikoto sacrifices her life to protect them. Ryoma challenges the Hooded Man after knowing he is the suspect, unaware of his true identity. As the Avatar is still alive, he calls Vallite soldiers to help finish the job. However, he is no match for an enraged Avatar and seemingly disappears after his defeat.


In the Birthright route, Sumeragi appears again very briefly in Chapter 11, appearing on the Avatar's ship, calling in reinforcements of Vallite soldiers to attack the army during a storm to hopefully sink the ship with the Avatar's army on. At the end of the chapter, everyone assumes that everything is fine, until Sumeragi appears once more trying to kill Takumi while he's unguarded. Zola jumps and takes the blow, although not dying from the attack, and tells Takumi to attack while Sumeragi has his guard let down. Blocking the attack, Sumeragi retreats from the boat, although the army believe Takumi killed the Vallite soldier, and then Sakura heals Zola's wounds, forgetting about Sumeragi's disappearance. Sumeragi is never seen again throughout the playthrough, nor is revealed to be Sumeragi.


Sometime after his death, Anankos revived him as his puppet. Sumeragi reappears in Chapter 25 first appearing in his hooded outfit seen in Chapter 5 where he reveals that he was the one who killed Mikoto. He commends the Hohsidan siblings for becoming strong. Driven by a lust for battle he commands that his children give him the best fight of his life.

After crossing blades with his family, Sumeragi is defeated. As he lays on the ground, the Hoshidan siblings quickly surround him and desperately try to save him. However, he simply praises his children for surpassing his expectations of them. He also apologizes to the Avatar for not being strong enough to protect them the day he was killed. However, the Avatar tells him that the few memories they have of him are filled with happiness and love. He also asks if they saw Mikoto before battling him, which the Avatar affirms. Sumeragi tells them that he did love her dearly, even if their time together was short, even revealing that he fell in love with her at first sight. However, Sumeragi's body begins to dissipate as he finally can express that he can die with no regrets, knowing that his children will be able to finish the fight against Anankos.

Hidden TruthsEdit

Sumeragi serves as the boss of the first part of Hidden Truths, where he and a group of Vallites have been tasked with hunting down Anankos' "heart". He and his soldiers attack Owain, Inigo and Severa, who Anankos had asked to help him with his problem. Despite their overwhelming numbers, Sumeragi is eventually defeated and escapes back to Valla.

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As the king of Hoshido, Sumeragi was benevolent to his people and treated them fairly. When he was not busy with policies, however, Sumeragi cared deeply for his family, having fun with them as he wanted to be the best father he could. He cared very little of being the Hoshidan King and took little enjoyment out of it. However, in the Female Avatar and Yukimura support conversations, it is revealed that he would always be happy to see his children after a long day. Sumeragi also has a different view in warfare; in a support conversation between Yukimura and the male Avatar, Sumeragi told him that there is no point in killing soldiers who have surrendered and disliked killing the enemy without letting them have a chance to surrender.

Fuga explains to the male Avatar that Sumeragi was a bit of a troublemaker in his youth, he loved to play tricks on the servants (and in the Japanese version, he hung around the capital's red-light district at times), but mellowed out as he grew older.

Under the control of Anankos, Sumeragi became much more battle-hungry, thrilling at the opportunity to face both his eldest son and his step-child in battle. After his defeat, Sumeragi is released of this bloodlust; he expresses pride in his children who have grown since his passing and remorse for being unable to prevent the Avatar's kidnapping. He imparts them with his faith that they will help the Avatar bring an end to the Silent Dragon.


As an EnemyEdit

Chapter 5 - MotherEdit

Revelation Chapter 25 - Blades DrawnEdit

Xenologue 7 - Hidden Truths 1Edit

Xenologue 19 - V: Endless DawnEdit

Quotes Edit

Chapter 5 Edit


“Show me...what you got. Heh. Heh. Heh...”
—Sumeragi's (under the name "???") pre-battle quote

Vs. RyomaEdit

  • Ryoma: Vengeance will be mine... Prepare to die!
  • ???: Heh. Heh. Heh...


“Urgh... Not bad. Heh. Heh. Heh...”
—Sumeragi's (under the name "???") defeat quote

Chapter 25 (Revelation)Edit

“ I was once a Hoshidan king...No longer. Now I am simply a man on the battlefield...striving for a challenge. ”
—Sumeragi's pre-battle quote in chapter 25 of Revelation

Vs. RyomaEdit

  • Sumeragi: eldest pride...I hunger for the glory of a battle between us. I expect nothing less than your best—you will be getting mine!
  • Ryoma: My father...was a respectable man, a just king, and a true samurai. You, fueled by a lust for battle and glory, are not that man. I will destroy you for pretending to be him!

Vs. AvatarEdit

  • Sumeragi: Avatar.... You needn't rely on your sword alone. There is a greater power within you. Unleash it-avenge your mother. Give me a real battle!
  • Avatar: Father!


“My thirst for not yet...”
—Sumeragi's defeat quote from chapter 25 of Revelation

Hidden Truths 1 Edit

—???'s pre-battle quote.


“We must...retreat for now...”
—???'s defeat quote.

V: Endless DawnEdit

“I am Sumeragi--King of Hoshido no more, yet still a deadly swordsman!”
—Sumeragi's pre-battle quote

Vs. ShiroEdit

  • Sumeragi: Hmm. I thought I recognized something about you. Is that my prized sword you carry?
  • Shiro: Huh? You're saying this used to be YOUR sword?!
  • Sumeragi: Indeed. Though it's been so many years that I can hardly remember it now. Yes, you make a fitting heir. I see the lust for power in your eyes that I had. The mortal struggle between you and I shall no doubt become legend!
  • Shiro: But if this sword was yours once... that would have to mean... No way!
  • Sumeragi: Take your best stance, for here I come!

Vs. KiragiEdit

  • Sumeragi: Ah... you have inherited the Fujin Yumi.
  • Kiragi: You've seen my bow before?
  • Sumeragi: Indeed. It is a divine weapon passed through the royal family—my family. I've wanted to test myself against it. I never expected that you would be the one to grant that desire.
  • Kiragi: Wait a sec... you're King Sumeragi!
  • Sumeragi: None other. Mark this moment, wielder of the Fujin Yumi. For you look upon he who will be your demise!
  • Kiragi: Whoa, whoa, whoa! If you're really the old king, why are you fighting me?! Grandpa, we just met! You don't need to rush right into killing me! Help!


  • Sumeragi: The blood of your parents that runs within you... It is strong indeed...

(teleports to the inner map as an ally unit)

  • Sumeragi: Forgive me, children... for I have no regrets. I am proud... to see what became of my bloodline... My kingdom is in good hands... Now, go. Let my corpse be no obstacle... on your path to triumph...

(activates Dragon Vein)

Critical/Skill QuoteEdit

  • "This is the end!"


—Sumeragi's Defeat Voice Clip

Death/Retreat QuoteEdit

Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Sumeragi is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


Sumeragi (皇) can translate as "emperor".

If the character of Sumeragi is broken up, it can be read as 白王 which translate as "White King".


  • If Takumi changes to the Swordmaster class his outfit will look similar to that of Sumeragi's.
  • Sumeragi shares his voice actor, David Stanbra, with Xander, Kaze, Shura, Kilma and the Rainbow Sage.
  • The portrait of Sumeragi's hooded attire is an edit of the hooded appearance of the Avatar from Fire Emblem Awakening.


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