Summon (召喚, Shōkan) is a feature of Fire Emblem Heroes.


Summoning allows players to summon new Heroes to their army using Orbs to initiate the feature. The player expends 5 Orbs to receive a board containing 5 Orbs. Each orb will have a random color assigned to it upon starting the board, with the color determining what equipment type the summoned Hero will have. After the player selects an orb, a Hero is summoned, with the rarity of the hero being fixed to a percentile chance, hence the player is not guaranteed a 5 Star Hero every board time.

The player is then given the option to summon another Hero on the same board for a reduced cost of 4 Orbs. The player may summon up to three Heroes on the same board for 4 Orbs, where the fifth and final orb on the board will cost 3, making a complete board purchase cost 20 Orbs. Once summoned, that Hero becomes a permanent member of the player's army and can be trained to become stronger, fused with an ally for bonus stats and SP points, or dismissed for an amount of Feathers.

Heroes summoned will be 3 Star to 5 Star. Before a Hero is revealed, the pedestal where they are summoned from gives a small hint to the Heroes rarity before they are revealed. If a small quake occurs before the summoning animation, the summoned Hero will be a 4 or 5 Star Hero. If no quake occurs, the summoned Hero will be a 3 Star Hero.

Appearance RateEdit

The Appearance Rate of pulling a Hero depends on their rarity tier and if the Heroes is a Focus unit. Focus Units are 3-4 units that are highlighted to have a chance of being summoned at 5 Stars. This is also known as a Banner.

The default percentile chances are as follows:

  • 3 Star Unit — 58%
  • 4 Star Unit — 36%
  • 5 Star Unit — 3%
  • Focus Unit — 3%

Every 5 Orbs that are claimed without receiving a 5 Star unit increases the Appearance Rates of a 5 Star and Focus Unit by 0.25 % and reduces the Appearance Rates of 3 and 4 Star unit by 0.25%. This percentile chance increase only affects the Banner that the player summoned from. Hence Summoning 5 orbs from Banner A increases that banner's percentile chance for 5 Star or Focus Unit by 0.25% each, but Banner B's percentile chance remains the same. Once a 5 Star or Focus unit has been summoned, the Appearance Rate resets to the default.

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