The Summoner (召喚師 Shōkanshi), default name Kiran (エクラ Ekura, Eclat in the Japanese version), is a protagonist in Fire Emblem Heroes. Similar to the Tactician from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, the Summoner is a silent character who represents the player and is thus responsible for the army's strategy, but does not directly participate in battle.


The Summoner is mysteriously summoned by Anna. Though surprised by their appearance, Anna asks for their help to protect the Breidablik. Suddenly, they are ambushed by Embla soldiers and Breidablik reacts to the Summoner, summoning Virion for help. Impressed that someone has finally been able to use the relic, Anna entrusts them to use its power to protect the kingdom of Askr from the invading Emblian Empire.

As a stand-in for the player, the Summoner is indicated to be from our world. Upon describing where they came from, the other characters marvel at the ideas of skyscrapers and cars. Ephraim also mentions that the Summoner has, at some point, said that the Breidablik, which looks like a pistol, resembles the weapons of the Summoner's world.

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