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Paralogue 3: Surprise DuetEdit


(Scene begins aboard a ship in the middle of the sea)

  • Azura: Ah, how I love to sail upon the ocean! To be free from the confines of land! The roar of the waves is like the sweetest lullaby.

(If the Avatar is male)

  • Felicia: We've got trouble, Lady Azura!
  • Azura: Slow down, Felicia. Tell me what's happened.
  • Felicia: pegasus—I mean, the young man riding it— He's just crashed onto our ship! Well, the pegasus did too, but—
  • Azura: What was that?! Someone on a pegasus has just landed? Point the way!

(If the Avatar is female)

  • Jakob: We have trouble, Azura!
  • Azura: How can that be, Jakob? We're so far upon the ocean!
  • Jakob: I've just receive new that a young man riding a pegasus has landed upon our ship. At breakneck speed, too. He and his steed may have sustained serious injuries.
  • Azura: What was that?! A pegasus rider? Please, point the way!

(Scene transitions to Azura running towards Shigure)

  • Azura: Shigure, my son! What has brought you out here?
  • Shigure: M...Mother...? Did I make it? I...I flew out of the Deeprealms to find you!
  • Azura: Oh, my! You're hurt! And your pegasus looks ready to collapse!
  • Shigure: Never mind us. We need to return to my Deeprealm at once. My village is under attack. You and your friends must help me save whoever's left.
  • Azura: What's that? Your village—? But from what enemy?
  • Shigure: I...I don't know. It's hard to see them sometimes.
  • Azura: What?
  • Shigure: They're only semivisible. But they're fierce fighters. One thing I am sure is that they're after ME. My friends risked their lives helping me get away. I...I think they're all...
  • Azura: Shigure, you don't know that. Wait, I sense something...someone...

(Enemies appear in another ship)

  • Shigure: It's them!
  • Azura: My apologies, Shigure. This grim turn of events is all my fault. They're after you...because of me.
  • Shigure: Come again? What do you have to do with this, Mother?
  • Azura: Well, I can't explain. Not here. Now, a moment, please.

(Azura moves to the other side of Shigure and the scene transitions)

  • Azura: Shigure, stay close! I'm certain those fiends are readying an attack. But if they think they're getting their hands on you...
  • Shigure: Mother, who are they? Why did you say this is all your fault?
  • Azura: I'm sorry to say it must remain a mystery, at least for a little longer.
  • Shigure: Tell that to my friends.
  • Azura: Trust me, Son. I had little choice. Now, hide yourself. I'll take care of them. That's the least I can do.
  • Shigure: It's's just not right. My whole village, and because of what? You must have your reasons for keeping such deadly secrets, Mother. But this fight is now MINE too. I must avenge my friends.
  • Azura: ... Listen, Shigure. The stakes are higher than you can imagine. But if you insist in fighting, then promise that you'll do so at a safe distance.
  • Shigure: No. My friends didn't have any such choice. I won't shy from battle.
  • Azura: I see. Then I promise that MY friends will keep you safe as can be. Losing you would ruin me. You will live, my son, even if it's at the cost of my life.
  • Shigure: No, Mother!
  • Azura: We won't lose. Not if I can help it. My friends and I will make them pay. Everyone, prepare for battle!
  • Shigure: I’m with you all the way, Mother.

Battle BeginsEdit

(The northern enemy ship locks onto yours)

  • Azura: We've been broadsided! Stay on guard everyone!

After BattleEdit

  • Azura: Shigure, the battle is won, but your worst fears have proven true. I slipped away to your Deeprealm for a moment. These invaders... They razed your village. There is no one left. Everyone who took care of you in my stead, all of them are—
  • Shigure: EVERYONE? Ohhhh... No, no, no... NOOOO!
  • Azura: ... I'm sorry. If we'd come sooner... That is, if only I'd warned you about them...
  • Shigure: No. You and your friends have clearly known these evils and more. I'm at fault for being a child too long. My eyes have been closed. But my heart has been opened. I can imagine, a little, what it must feel like to live in your world. Still you find it in yourself to sing. And so must I.
  • Azura: Sing? What are you going to sing?
  • Shigure: You know the song well, Mother. ♪

(Shigure hums Lost in Thoughts All Alone)

  • Azura: Truly, how well I do. You plan to sing it as a requiem for your dead? How beautiful. Even beyond the clouds, your friends will be moved to tears. Surely, a melancholy rain will fall upon your village.
  • Shigure: Mother! But what am I to do now? Everyone I knew, except you—
  • Azura: Ah, I have no choice but to find another place to hide you.
  • Shigure: I...I don't want to hide anymore. I'm joining your cause.
  • Azura: What's that? Son, you must stay safe!
  • Shigure: No. My friends lost their lives trying to save me. I need to learn to protect myself. I need to get strong enough, so I can make the same sacrifice for others.
  • Azura: ... Very well, Shigure. But you must let me protect you when I can. You cannot deny your mother that.
  • Shigure: My heart is singing. And it's a song of hope for the future.
  • Azura: Let us make it a duet, Son.
  • Shigure: Yes, Mother. It will be my honor.

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