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Sword Knight
First SeenFire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Promotes FromN/A
Promotes ToPaladin (FE9), Blade Paladin (FE10)
Usable Weapon TypesSword
Class SkillsN/A

Sword Knights (ソードナイト, Soodo Naito or 斧騎士, Kenkishi) are mounted knights who specialize in Sword use. They promote to Paladins in Path of Radiance. and Blade Paladins in Radiant Dawn. The only weapon they (Blade Paladins and Sword Knights) can use are swords. However, after they promote from a Blade Paladin to a Gold Knight, they can also use axes. They also have good movement, since they are mounted. They are similar to the Free Knights of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. They are also similar to Horsemen, due to their ability to use swords. There is only one Sword Knight boss, in Radiant Dawn.

Notable Sword KnightsEdit

Path of RadianceEdit

Makalov is the only Sword Knight that can be recruited.

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