The Tactician (戦術師 Senjutsushi) is a class introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. The unique first-tier class of the Avatar, the Tactician is well-versed in the use of both Tomes and Swords. Upon promotion, Tacticians become Grandmasters.


Base StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE13 1643550535--SwordIconFE13 E TomeIconFE13 E

Maximum StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE13 60252525253025255--SwordIconFE13 A TomeIconFE13 A

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE13 40%15%15%15%15%0%10%10%----

Class SkillsEdit

Skill Requirements
FE13 WarknowledgeiconVeteran
Learnt at Level 1.
Learnt at Level 10.


Base Class Promotion Method Promoted Class(es)
FE13 FE13 Male Avatar Tactician Map SpriteFE13 Female Avatar Tactician Map Sprite
Use a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Tactician.FE13 Robin (M) Grandmaster Map SpriteFE13 Robin (F) Grandmaster Map Sprite

Known TacticiansEdit



  • Morgan - If the Avatar marries anyone other than Chrom, Lucina, Olivia, or Walhart.
  • Any other child of the Avatar.
  • All SpotPass, DLC, and StreetPass Characters.


  • If a StreetPass team with a Bride or a Dread Fighter unit appears on a game card without their respective DLC installed, the units will instead appear using the Tactician model (with the class itself being listed as an "Outrealm Class") but with the same weapon access and stats of those respective classes.


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