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The Taguel (タグエル) is a new class and race introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Taguels transform from their humanoid form to a beast form using Beaststones.


The Taguel was once a massive race of beast-people who could shift into various animals in a manner similar to the Beast-tribe Laguz until a large genocide wiped out much of the Taguel population. This left one sole survivor, Panne, who can transform into a rabbit-like form. Unfortunately, because Panne was only an infant when her people were hunted down, much of the Taguel culture has been lost. However, her mannerisms and behavior are more akin to animals as she lacks social norms. Panne also mentions that certain species of Taguels could transform into birds and cats. Taguels have an acute sense of smell and have sharp senses allowing them to exploit enemy weakness and detect hesitation.

Taguels are capable of crossbreeding with humans, resulting in children who can shapeshift like their Taguel parent. This would be a necessity in order to keep the race alive, for if Panne did not have children, the race would have gone extinct. Like hybrid Manaketes, hybrid Taguels will not always inherit the Taguel ears but they are able to fully transform into the original Taguel beast form.


Taguels are very agile and fast units with good Strength to hit hard and fast and overall are similar to Assassins stat wise. The Taguels's weapons of choice, the Beaststone and Beaststone+, gives them large bonuses especially in the Skill and Speed stats, giving them an edge against slower enemies and allows the wielder to use skills that requires a high Skill stat to be used more effectively, even Astra and Lethality who have very low activation rates.

Unfortunately, they are considered beast units and any Taguel will carry that beast status into other classes even if that class has no attached beast status. This means that they are susceptible to Beast Killers and Beastbane wielding Taguels, however the latter is only an issue when facing certain StreetPass teams. Lancebreaker is the best remedy against this weakness given that their already high speed and skill makes them almost impossible to hit especially with this skill attached. Another weakness of this class, compared to Manaketes, is that their range is limited to one space, while Dragonstones allow Manaketes to attack 1-2 spaces away.

The two Taguel skills are Even Rhythm and Beastbane. Even Rhytm adds 10 to hit and avoid, boosting their already good accuracy and dodge abilities, but only during even numbered turns. Beastbane is more useful as it gives users of this skill a bonus to their attacks if they attack an enemy beast unit. Granted, the bonus will only occur if the user is in the Taguel class. However, given the large amount of mounted units, starting from Chapter 12, they become extremely effective in taking down these units.

Maximum StatsEdit

  • HP: 80
  • Str: 35
  • Mag: 30
  • Skl: 40
  • Spd: 40
  • Lck: 45
  • Def: 35
  • Res: 30

Notable TaguelEdit

  • Panne - The last of the Taguel.
  • Yarne - Panne's son from the future.
  • Morgan - If the father is Yarne or the mother is Panne.


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