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Tahra is a free city situated in the south-western corner of the Manster District.

The previous ruler of Tahra sheltered Leif after the fall of Leonster, and this crime was used as an excuse to execute him and put Tahra under Grannvale's rule. The ruler's daughter, Linoan survived under the protection of Dean.

When the Child Hunts started, the citizens of Tahra rebelled and elected Linoan as their new leader. However Bloom, the ruler of the Manster District, could not tolerate their actions and sent soldiers to re-conquer Tahra. Leif manages to arrive at Tahra in time to fight off Bloom's forces, but when the Thracian army, as well as the Schwarze Rosen, appear, Leif is forced to escape, taking Linoan with him. While they leave, Areone promises Linoan that Thracia will rule over Tahra fairly.

After Grannvale is defeated, Linoan returns to Tahra as promised and the city is rebuilt.

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