“Hector and his companions defeat Marquess Laus's son, Erik, and seize Laus castle. After the battle they rest in the castle and settle their affairs. They diligently prepare for any possible counterattack. They should have spotted anyone attempting to approach the castle. And yet, somehow they find themselves facing an unforeseen attack...”
—Opening Narration

Talons Alight is Chapter 15 only for Hector mode Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

In this chapter your army is in Laus castle, yet is attacked by a group of Eubans's mercenaries loyal to Laus that are later encountered in the chapter Kinship's Bond. Sealen, a nomad, is the boss of this chapter. Heath briefly appears before the battle and converses with Sealen, reporting that he secured an escape route as Eubans requested. The objective is to defend the throne for 7 turns. Sealen's death does not end the chapter.


Initial EnemyEdit

  • 2 Mage
  • 2 Soldier
  • 1 Archer
  • 1 Knight
  • 1 Mercenary
  • 1 Nomad
  • 1 Thief
  • Sealen (Boss)


  • 1 Fighter (upper left corner), 1 Mercenary (bottom staircase), 1 Myrmidon (bottom staircase) before your 3rd turn
  • 1 Mercenary (bottom staircase), 1 Myrmidon (bottom staircase) before your 4th turn
  • 2 Cavalier (east hall) before your 5th turn
  • 2 Cavalier (east hall) before your 6th turn
  • 2 Cavalier (east hall) before your 7th turn


Items dropped by enemy

Items that you can steal from enemy


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