Marth embarks

Talys in Shadow Dragon.

Talys (タリス Tarisu, Talis in the Japanese version), an ally of Altea, is an island kingdom situated off Archanea's eastern coast. It is ruled by King Mostyn with his daughter, Princess Caeda. Due to its size, Talys lacks its own order of knights.

Marth spent two years in hiding here after the fall of Altea, training and preparing to take back his kingdom from Dolhr. King Mostyn gave Marth and his knights the use of the island's eastern fortress. Marth was able to repay Mostyn's generosity when the Galder Pirates attacked Talys and took the King hostage. Marth and his knight left the island after defeating the pirates, accompanied by Caeda.

In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (and the Hard Mode of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon), this is the starting point of the game.

Talys would eventually become part of the Halidom of Ylisse, along with Archanea and Pyrathi.

Notable citizens of TalysEdit

  • Mostyn - The first king of Talys.
  • Caeda - Mostyn's daughter and the princess of Talys.
  • Wrys - A humble curate.
  • Ogma - Commander of a group of mercenaries.
  • Barst - Mercenary working under Ogma.
  • Bord - Mercenary working under Ogma.
  • Cord - Mercenary working under Ogma.
  • Castor - A Hunter who is friends with Caeda.


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