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“Who're you calling a kid!? You're the kid! Fine, I'm going. I never wanted to come here anyway. Hmph!”
—Tanya to Orsin

Tanya (タニア Tania) is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is the eighteen-year-old daughter of Dagdar. She is a tomboy who grew up among brigands and talks as such. She regularly quarrels with Orsin, although they truly care about each other deeply. She also thinks that Orsin is overly mean towards her and becomes upset when he calls her a kid and an idiot. It is implied in both her and Orsin's endings that they marry each other and have many children together.

In GameEdit


Name Class Chapter Affiliation Recruit
Tanya FE5 Bow fighterBow Fighter 1 Player Automatically from Turn 3

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE5 Bow fighterBow Fighter
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov LS MS PC
1 20 3 1 6 10 6 2 4 6 0 0 2
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE5 Bow Icon Bow - D (+10)

FE5ironbow Iron Bow
Door Key

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov
60% 35% 15% 55% 70% 60% 15% 5% 2%

Promotion GainsEdit

Item Required Promoted Class
Knightproof Knight Proof FE5 Sniper Sniper
Lv Str Mag Skl Spd Def Bld Mov
1 +2 +1 +3 +3 +2 +1 +1
Weapon Ranks
FE5 Bow Icon +1

Support BonusEdit

Character Bonus
Orsin 10%
Dagdar 10%
Supported by
Character Bonus
Orsin 10%


Tanya is the closest thing Thracia 776 has to a standard Archer. She competes with Ronan for the job of being the party's earlygame archer, and initially might seem to have less longterm potential than Ronan, due to his superior movement, build, and skillset. Tanya, however, has much more reasonable growths than Ronan does. Overall, Tanya has generally better stats and a mutual Orsin support, but Ronan has the Adept skill and three movement stars, so both of them have a reason to see use. Should the player elect to use neither, there are still two suitable replacement archers down the line. A mounted archer, Robert, will join the party during Chapter 9, and can potentially serve as a replacement to her if the player is willing to overlook his terrible weapon rank. Near the end of the game, the player might get Xavier, a general who starts with decent stats, has decent growths, and can wield A rank bows immediately. Xavier is notoriously difficult to recruit, however, so first time players might want to use Tanya for their archery needs.

Regardless of how Tanya turns out, however, she will always have an extremely useful support with Orsin, one of the units best equipped to benefit from such a boost. Tanya is the only unit, other than Eyvel, who can support Orsin, so Tanya's support is particularly invaluable to him. If the player has space in his or her roster, it might be worth it to field Tanya, just to make Orsin that much more effective.


Death QuoteEdit

“No... Help me... O...rsin...”
—Tanya's death quote in Thracia 776.

Escape QuoteEdit

“Lord Leif! What are you doing? Let's get out of here!”
—Tanya's escape quote in Thracia 776.


Chapter 1Edit

Tanya: Dad, the battle's already started.
Dagdar: This isn't good... Eyvel's strong, but I don't know whether she can hold her own against Imperial troops. Let's go.
Marty: Here we go again...

Chapter 8xEdit

Dagdar: Tanya, I want you to escape. I'll take them on myself.
Tanya: No! If I'm going, so are you!
Dagdar: You'll just be a hindrance. Shut your pretty little mouth and do as I say!
Tanya: Y-Yes, dad...
Gomes: Hey hey, not so fast. You're both gonna die here!
Dagdar: Gomes! I don't want to fight you. Let's talk...
Gomes: I'm sick of this shit! What the hell are we accomplishing by working this worthless piece of land? I work my ass off day and night, and I'm still starving. You're just being tricked by that bitch, Eyvel. What's the matter with you? Get a hold of yourself, you old geezer!
Dagdar: Watch your mouth, boy! You're just a lowly servant, of mine! All right then, show me what you've got! I'll take you all on!

Talk with OrsinEdit

  • Chapter 1

Orsin: Tanya? What the hell are you doing out here?
Tanya: Orsin!? Can't you see? I came to help you guys out.
Orsin: Help us out, eh? Well, we're not so desperate as to ask for help from a kid. Now off you go.
Tanya: Who're you calling a kid!? You're the kid! Fine, I'm going. I never wanted to come here anyway. Hmph!

  • Chapter 8x

Orsin: Tanya! You're okay! You idiot, you had me worried.
Tanya: What do you mean, idiot! I never asked you to worry yourself over me, anyway!
Orsin: You know, why can't you just say thanks? If we had come a little later...
Tanya: What do you mean! You're the one picking the fight! ...You could also be a
Orsin: W-Whoa! D-Don't cry! Um, so... I'm glad you're okay. Yeah...


Tanya - The Daughter Whom Dagdar Loved (ダグダの愛した娘 Daguda no aishita musume)

Tanya moved to Fiana, where she married and was blessed with many children. Her cheery personality and good spirits earned her respect and admiration from the villagers throughout her life.


Tania is the Russian pet form of Tatiana, meaning "father". Perhaps a twist of some sort on the fact that she joins with her father, Dagdar.


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