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“Not one step backward! Be strong! The duke will soon arrive with reinforcements. Stand strong a little longer... Stand firm for the revolution!”

Tashoria (タシヨリア Tashiyoria) is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He was a mercenary hired by Duke Felirae, Ludveck. Although Tashoria did not know it, he and his forces were used as bait by Ludveck to lure the Crimean Royal Knights away from Melior so that Ludveck's main rebel army could attack. He can easily defeat certain units, such as Makalov, with only a Critical Hits and then another hit. Unlike most bosses for such chapters, he is willing to move off the gate. Nonetheless, you cannot reach it without killing him.

Character DataEdit

Boss StatsEdit

Starting Class Affinity
FE10 Tashoria Swordmaster Sprite Swordmaster FE10Fire Fire
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Wt Mov
8 37 17 8 24 24 9 17 12 12 12 7
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Critical 10 Critical +10
Shove Shove

FE10 Sword Sword - B

FE10wodao Wo Dao


RD Biorhythm C

Battle ConversationsEdit

  • Default

Tashoria: W-we have to hold out! The duke is on his way! We'll be heroes! Adored, and showered with riches!

  • Vs. Geoffrey

Geoffrey: Rebel forces! I am Geoffrey, commander of the Royal Knights of Crimea! Lay down your weapons and submit to the rule of the law! Further resistance is futile! Her majesty the queen promises leniency and means you no harm! Listen to me! You must yield!
Tashoria: Tch… What nonsense is this? Do you take us for idiots!? Our reinforcements will arrive shortly, and your fate will be sealed! Death to the tyrant and her lapdogs!
Geoffrey: Grr… The queen lives to serve you! Why can’t you see that!

Death QuoteEdit

“Duke... Duke Ludveck... Where are...our reinforcements?”
—Death Quote


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