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“My lover, Zeke, is a general of the Rigelian knights. However, Zeke opposed this war. Nuibaba feared that he would turn traitor, so I was taken hostage. If Zeke hears about my rescue, I'm sure he will gladly lend you his help. Ah, I want to meet him again soon...”

Teeta (ティータ Tīta) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Gaiden and a saint in the service of Rigel. A year before Fire Emblem Gaiden begins, Teeta finds a man washed up on Rigel's shores with a terrible wound and no memories of his past. She takes him back to Rigel and nurses him back to health, and during this time they fall in love. The man befriended King Rudolf, who names him Zeke, and rose the ranks in the Rigelian Army, with Teeta at his side. However, when the war with Zofia started, Zeke was opposed to it and in order to secure his loyalty, Nuibaba kidnapped Teeta. She was eventually rescued by Alm and when Zeke saw Teeta was safe, he turned against the corrupt Jerome and eventually joined Alm's army as well. After the war she lived happily with Zeke and prayed that his memories would never return, unaware that they already have and Zeke chose not to tell her for her own sake.

In GameEdit


In Chapter 4, talk to her at Nuibaba's Mansion.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
Saint FE2 Map IconSaint
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
1 28 14 12 10 2 3 18 5
Magic Starting Item
Fortify (Lv 4)
Illusion (Lv 7)
Warp (Lv 8)

Growth RatesEdit

Character Growth Stat
HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res
40% 10% 15% 15% 20% 40% 0%

Overall Edit

Teeta is a useful Pre-Promoted unit that Alm can recruit near the end of his route. She has pretty average stats other than her Luck and Defense which are terrible, and her Resistance which is among the best in the game. While her Defense growth is great, you get her so late in the game and her Defense starts so low that it's not likely to do much good for her frailty.

Teeta's usefulness stems from her spells, and not her stats. As soon as you recruit her, she already has the Physic spell, which Silk lacks, and can thus act as a long range healer. She is the only character in the game able to learn Fortify, which makes her the best healing unit in the game. Her Illusion spell summons Pegasus Knights, and if you level her up enough to obtain the Warp spell, she has the best overall spell list of all the Cleric characters.

Teeta is worth deploying even if you decide not to level her. If you do level her, she'll become an even more potent healer with Fortify. You get her very late in the game and she's statistically unimpressive, but she can act as a much needed long range healer for Alm's group.


  • (If Zeke is alive)

She lives on happily with Zeke, all the while praying that his memories shall never return.

  • (If Zeke is dead)

When Zeke died, she lost her most beloved person. In overwhelming grief, she cut off her hair.


“Ah, Lord Zeke...”
—Teeta's death quote



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