The Tellius Series are the games of the Fire Emblem series featuring the continent of Tellius, namely Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Nintendo GameCube and its sequel, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Nintendo Wii. Most Fire Emblem content in Super Smash Bros. Brawl originated from the Tellius Series, due to that content being marketed most recently at the time of release.


The world of Tellius was made by a benevolent goddess Ashunera, who filled the continent with life, including the Zunanma. After many centuries, they would split into two separate races; the Beorc and Laguz. At odds with each other, the two races went toward, filling Ashunera with despair. In a bid to stop the fighting, she caused The Great Flood, leading to mass destruction of the land and the inhabitants. Ashamed for letting her emotions run wild, Ashunera split herself into two separate beings; Ashera who would embody Order and Intelligence and Yune who would embody Chaos and Emotions. Yune was deemed too uncontrollable by Ashera, so she chose Three Heroes who would keep Yune in check. Eventually Ashera decided to eliminate her outright, but an intervention by Lehran resulted in Yune being sealed into a Medallion. In exchange for sealing Yune in the medallion, Lehran requested that Ashera give the Beorc and Laguz the chance to show that they could maintain order on their own. Ashera agreed to a thousand year slumber. If Beorc and Laguz could not maintain peace between each other by the time she had awoken, she would wipe out both races from Tellius.

Such would not be the case as Beorc and Laguz constantly were at odd with each other, though Lehran's Medallion served as a somewhat effective deterrent as few wanted to release "the evil goddess" slumbering within. The Beorc went on to establish their own country of Begnion while the Laguz went on to form many tribes. Begnion would worship the goddess Ashera with the descendants of the Three Heroes Altina being the apostle for the goddess. Eventually some Begnion states would declare independence, forming two other countries; Crimea and Daein. Despite the warning of Ashera and Lehran, tensions continued to build between the Beroc and Laguz, ultimately coming to an end starting with a series of events including the Serenes Massacre and the ascension of the 13th King of Daein.

With the death of the 12th King, Ashnard ascended the throne after all heirs before him mysteriously died. With power in his possession, Ashnard desired to ignite a continent wide war in search of the famed Medalion which he believe would bestow him great power. He succeed and captures the Heron Laguz princess Lillia to release the Goddess within, but she is unable. A Daein priestess Elena was sent to watch over her, but the Heron princess gave her the medallion for safekeeping as she was the only known Beorc who could hold the medallion without being corrupted. Elean left with the medalion and the lyrics for the Galdr of Release with her husband Greil, a former Four Riders member, going into hiding in Crimea.

Tragedy struck one day when Greil held the medallion, going on a bloody rampage which ultimately ended when Elena wrested the medallion from his hands at the cost of her own life. In guilt, Greil severed the tendons of his sword hand and vowed never to pick up a blade for the rest of his life. The event was witnessed by his young son Ike who had his memories of the event sealed by Lehran. Despite losing much of his former might, Greil still was a powerful warrior and founded a mercenary band called the Greil Mercenaries. Years after the event, Greil had trained Ike into a formidable warrior himself, however, he forbade Ike from ever holding the Medallion he was safeguarding. Only his young daughter Mist could hold it without feeling its effects, much like her mother.


Path of RadianceEdit

Years after the Medallion had been smuggled out, Ashnard continued to search for it, eventually beginning an invasion of Crimea. Meanwhile Ike and the Greil Mercenaries discover an unconscious woman who is revealed to be the lost Crimean princess Elincia. Taken into their protection, the Greil Mercenaries join the fight to repel Daein from Crimea. One night, Greil encounters an old student going by the name of the Black Knight, who wants to challenge his former master to combat in order to surpass him, even giving Greil back the blade he once wielded, Ragnell. Greil is slain by the Black Knight, leaving the mercenaries to grieve for their commander's death. The Black Knight in the meantime is left unsatisfied by their duel, feeling that Greil was nowhere near using his full power.

Ike travels throughout Crimea, helping to liberate the country from Daein, picking up support from many individuals including several Laguz who see Ike's genuine personality and growing leadership. With the support of the Begnion state, Ike eventually is chosen to lead the newly formed Crimean Liberation Army. Ike reveals that he held Ragnell since his father's death and eventually uses it in a duel against the Black Knight along with the assistance of his sister Mist. The match ends when the castle they dueled in crumbles, leading many to believe that the Black Knight was buried in the rubble and Ike emerging victorious.

Eventually, the war comes to a close when the Crimean Liberation Army enters Daein and confronts Ashnard himself. After a violent battle, including a violent Ashnard who managed to reclaim the Medallion and is empowered by it, Ike fells the Mad King, ending the war. Crimea regains its sovereignty and Elincia is crowned the Queen of Crimea. Ike is ultimately given the title of a Lord by Elincia, but he ultimately turns it down as he feels his is not suited for the court life and would rather remain a mercenary.

Radiant DawnEdit

In the aftermath of the Mad King's War, the nations of the world began to reestablish itself. Daein was now being run by the Begnion Occupational Army, meant to restore order to the nation. However, many of the citizenry was oppressed by the Occupational Army, leading to the formation of the Dawn Brigade lead by the silver haired maiden, Micaiah. After fighting to restore control to Daein and the formation of the Daein Liberation Army, control of the nation is restored to Daein with Pelleas, the believed son of Ashnard, as its new king. Meanwhile in Crimea, an uprising began between nobles lead by Ludveck who believed that the young queen Elincia was unfit to rule. A small band of Elincia's knights and later the assistance of the Greil Mercenaries.

Eventually a war breaks out by the Begnion Army and the Laguz Aliance, which also occurs right when Ashera awakens from her slumber. Having witness the races of Tellius at war, she enacts her judgement, turning all except those chosen by Ashera herself to serve in her Disciples of Order as her champions and those protected by Yune who uses Micaiah as her vessel. The combined forces of the Daein Army, Crimean Army, Laguz Aliance, Greil Mercenaries, and the Apostle Army head to the Tower of Guidance to free the world from Ashera's Judgement. The fight up the tower resolves many issues including several Blood Pacts, the deaths of several corrupt Begnion senators, and the death of the Black Knight at the hands of Ike, who was finally given the fight against Greil that he always wanted. At the summit of the tower, the armies fight the goddess herself. Despite the pleas of Yune to Ashera to reconsider, Ashera is bent on fulfilling her promise to wipe out Tellius' inhabitants and long fight ensues. Eventually, Ike, empowered by Yune's blessing, is able to finally subdue Ashera, releasing the inhabitant of Tellius from her judgement.

In the aftermath of the war, peace is restored between nations and the Laguz tribes. Begnion is now ruled by Sanaki, Crimea by Elincia, and Daein by Micaiah. The hero known as Ike would be hailed as the Radiant Hero for many centuries. However, soon after the war, Ike disappeared without a trace, leading many to wonder what happened to Tellius' greatest hero. A thousand years later, Yune and Ashera eventually fuse back into Ashunera and she continues to watch over the world, now in peace.


In the Tellius Series, there are two races; the Beorc and the Laguz. The Beorc fight with ordinary weapons; Swords, Axes, Lances, Bows, Magic, etc. The Laguz fight in animal form, and use Claws, Beaks, Fangs, Talons and Breath. There are some in the world of Tellius who are Branded; the branded are Beorc with Laguz blood flowing through their bodies.


Although the Tellius Series games were fairly well received by reviewers worldwide and fans overseas, in Japan it was found to be the least popular of the Fire Emblem settings; multiple sales tracking sources confirm that both games struggled to break 150,000 unit sales during their respective print runs in Japan. Many characters from the setting, including Ike, tend to fare poorly in character ranking polls in Japan as well.

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