The Tempest Trials (戦渦の連戦, lit. Consecutive Battles of the Battle Vortex in the Japanese version) is a battle feature in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The Events that are currently happening, are upcoming, or has already past are:

  • Dark Clouds over Awakening (覚醒覆う暗雲, lit. Dark Clouds Covering Awakening)
  • Resonating Fangs (共鳴せし双牙, lit. Resonating Twin Fangs)
  • Reunited At Last (果たされた再会, lit. The Fulfilled Reunion)
  • Moment of Fate (運命の刻, Unmei no Toki)
  • Genealogy of Light (光の系譜, Hikari no Keifu)
  • Less Than Heroic (英雄でなくとも, lit. Even Without A Hero)
  • A Gift of Peace (愛と平和を届けに, lit. To Deliver Love and Peace)
  • Breath of Destiny (道命の息吹, Michi Inochi no Ibuki)
  • Invisible Ties

There are a shorter version of the Tempest Trials called the Tempest Trials Mini (戦渦の連戦Mini, Senka no Rensen Mini lit. Consecutive Battles of the Battle Vortex Mini in the Japanese version) that last for only one week instead of two like with the normal Tempest Trials. The Events for this feature that are currently happening, or has already past are:

  • To Die On The Battlefield (死に場所は、戦場, Shi ni Basho wa, Senjō lit. The Place To Die is, The Battlefield)
  • Stepping into the New Year (新たな年を拓く者, Aratana Toshi o Hiraku mono lit. Those Who Open up a New Year)
  • Shrouded by the Storm (あなたを信じます, Anata o Shinjimasu lit. I Believe You)


Similar to the Voting Gauntlet, the Tempest Trials are a non-permanent game mode. Players are tasked with clearing up to three-to-seven series of battles on various difficulties in order to earn points. These battles are continuous, thus once a map has been cleared, the next map immediately starts. Player's Heroes do not recover health between maps. If a player's Heroes falls, that unit is no longer usable for the rest of the trial, but is not permanently removed from the player's roster. If an entire player's team falls or the player surrenders, they are allowed to retry the same map but with a completely new team. The Enemy Team will also lose a percentage of their health. Players are allowed to play with a two to four (depending on difficulty and number of maps) different teams through a Trial run. Once the last team falls, the Trial immediately ends.

Tempest Trials last two weeks while Mini-Tempest Trials last one week.


Players are graded based on the difficulty of the maps and the number of maps that are cleared on each difficulty, with higher difficulties and more maps giving more points. Players are allowed to surrender at any point without affecting the final score, but still factoring in the circumstances of the player's team when doing so. For example, surrendering when only two units are alive still counts the two fallen units towards the player's Survival score. If all maps in the Trials are cleared, players are given more points based on the cumulative turns taken and how many units lost to clear all of the maps. Should the player fail to clear the entire Trial with the allotted team amounts or completely surrender, the player is given a reduced score factored by the number of maps cleared and how many units on the last attempted were slain.

Like the Arena Duels, eight units are highlighted during the event. Using these units on any team will give bonus points for the player, even if they surrender and do not clear the map. Four of the Heroes will give the player a 40% point bonus and the other four will give the player a 20% point bonus. Using multiple Highlighted Heroes do not affect the final score and the highest bonus takes prescience. So long as a Highlighted unit has been used during the duration of the trial, the player receives the multiplier even if that unit falls in battle or the final team does not have any Highlighted hero on it. In addition, any highlighted Hero used receives 10 HP and 4 ATK/SPD/DEF/RES added to their base stat totals and will earn double EXP and SP during the event.

Maps cleared
Number of maps Multiplier
1 1x
2 2x
3 3x
4 4x
5 5x
6 6x
7 7x
Rank Total turns Multiplier
A ≤ 28 1.5x
B 29-31 1.4x
C 32-35 1.3x
D 36-39 1.2x
E ≥ 40 1.1x
Rank Team(s) lost Multiplier
A 0 1.20x
B 1 1.15x
C 2 1.10x
D 3 1.05x

Difficulty Level Battles Base Score Max Score 3x Max Score
Normal 8 3 25 189 567
Normal 14 3 30 226 680
Normal 20 3 35 264 793
Hard 25 4 35 352 1058
Hard 30 5 35 441 1323
Lunatic 35 5 40 504 1512
Lunatic 40 7 40 705 2116


Players earn rewards once certain scores have been reached and are immediately rewarded after the results screen. Rewards include Shards/Crystals, Hero Feather, Orbs, and Blessings. Each Tempest Trial also rewards the player with an exclusive Heroes and new Sacred Seals. At the end of the Tempest Trial period, player's cumulative score is compared to all other player's score during the event and ranked. Player's earn Hero Feather's based on their ending rank. Tempest Trials rewards end once the player has earned a score of 99,999, however they are allowed to continue to earn points for the sake of rank past 100,000

The following is the current general rewards for Tempest Trial scores. Past Tempest Trials may have had different score rewards.

Score RewardsEdit

Score Reward
100 2 Orbs
200 1,000 Red Shards
300 500 Hero Feathers
400 1,000 Blue Shards
500 20 Sacred Coins
700 1,000 Green Shards
1,000 2 Orbs
1,500 1,000 Transparent Shards
2,000 Tempest Trial Hero (4-Star)
2,500 500 Hero Feathers
3,000 2 Orbs
3,500 2,000 Red Crystals
4,000 20 Sacred Coins
4,500 2,000 Blue Crystals
5,000 500 Hero Feathers
5,500 2,000 Green Crystals
6,000 2 Orbs
7,000 2,000 Transparent Crystals
8,000 750 Hero Feathers
9,000 2 Orbs
10,000 20 Sacred Coins
11,000 750 Hero Feathers
12,000 Tempest Trial Sacred Seal #1
14,000 2 Orbs
16,000 2,000 Universal Crystals
18,000 1,000 Hero Feathers
20,000 Tempest Trial Sacred Seal #2
22,500 3 Orbs
25,000 Elemental Blessing
27,500 20 Sacred Coins
30,000 Tempest Trial Hero (5-Star)
32,500 1,000 Hero Feathers
35,000 3 Orbs
37,500 4,000 Universal Crystals
40,000 Tempest Trial Sacred Seal #3
42,500 1,000 Hero Feathers
45,000 1 Orb
47,500 4,500 Universal Shards
50,000 3 Orbs
52,500 1,000 Hero Feathers
55,000 1 Orb
57,500 5,000 Universal Crystals
60,000 3 Orbs
62,500 1,000 Hero Feathers
65,000 1 Orb
67,500 6,000 Universal Shards
70,000 3 Orbs
72,500 1,000 Hero Feathers
75,000 1 Orb
77,500 7,000 Universal Crystals
80,000 3 Orbs
82,500 1,000 Hero Feathers
85,000 1 Orb
87,500 8,000 Universal Shards
90,000 3 Orbs
92,500 1,000 Hero Feathers
95,000 1 Orb
97,500 9,000 Universal Crystals
99,999 3 Orbs

Recent Tempest Trial Edit

Past Tempest Trials

Invisible Ties Edit

Final Map
FEH Map T12
Enemy pos
Enemy pos
Enemy pos
Enemy pos
Portrait RobinM Fell Reincarnation Heroes
Enemy pos
Ally pos Ally pos
Ally pos Ally pos

Recent Mini Tempest TrialEdit

Past Tempest Trial Minis

Shrouded by the Storm Edit

Final Map
FEH Map T10
Enemy pos
Enemy pos
Enemy pos
Portrait Fjorm Heroes
Enemy pos
Enemy pos
Ally pos Ally pos
Ally pos Ally pos

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