The Tempest Trials (戦渦の連戦, Senka no Rensen lit. Consecutive Battles of the Battle Vortex in the Japanese version) is a battle feature in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The Events that are currently happening, or has already past as Dark Clouds over Awakening (覚醒覆う暗雲, Kakusei Ōu An'un lit. Dark Clouds Covering Awakening in the Japanese version), Resonating Fangs (共鳴せし双牙, Kyōmei seshi Sōga lit. Resonating Twin Fangs), and Reunited At Last (果たされた再会, Hatasareta Saikai lit. The Fulfilled Reunion).


Similar to the Voting Gauntlet, the Tempest Trials are a non-permanent game mode. Players are tasked with clearing up to three-to-seven series of battles on various difficulties in order to earn points. These battles are continuous, thus once a map has been cleared, the next map immediately starts. Player's Heroes do not recover health between maps. If a player's Heroes falls, that unit is no longer usable for the rest of the trial, but is not permanently removed from the player's roster. If an entire player's team falls or the player surrenders, they are allowed to retry the same map but with a completely new team. The Enemy Team will also lose a percentage of their health. Players are allowed to play with a two to four (depending on difficulty and number of maps) different teams through a Trial run. Once the last team falls, the Trial immediately ends.


Players are graded based on the difficulty of the maps and the number of maps that are cleared on each difficulty, with higher difficulties and more maps giving more points. Players are allowed to surrender at any point without affecting the final score. If all maps in the Trials are cleared, players are given more points based on the cumulative turns it took to clear all maps and how many units were lost to clear all of them. Should the player fail to clear the entire Trial with the allotted team amounts or completely surrender, the player is given a reduced score factored by the number of maps cleared and how many units on the last attempted were slain.

Like the Arena Duels, eight units are highlighted during the event. Using these units on any team will give bonus points for the player, even if they surrender and do not clear the map. Four of the Heroes will give the player a 40% point bonus and the other four will give the player a 20% point bonus. Using multiple Highlighted Heroes do not affect the final score and the highest bonus takes prescience. So long as a Highlighted unit has been used during the duration of the trial, the player receives the multiplier even if that unit falls in battle or the final team does not have any Highlighted hero on it.


Players earn rewards once they earn a certain cumulative point score. Rewards include Orbs, Feathers, crystals, exclusive Seals, and exclusive heroes.

Events Edit

Dark Clouds over AwakeningEdit

Highlighted HeroesEdit

40% BonusEdit
20% BonusEdit

Final Map BossEdit

Hero Reward Edit

  • Marth

Before entering the Tempest Trials Edit

  • Robin (Male): "So this is... The Tempest. The source of the chaos that has engulfed our world."
  • ???: "That's right. If we don't do something about it...destruction is all we have to look forward to. The Tempest distorts time and space. Worlds become entangled...and they begin to mix."
  • Robin (Female): "The fact that all of us are meeting like this is proof of that, I'd say."
  •  ???: "In another world, there are more like us-those who fight against the Tempest. They are our ray of hope. If we work together, we can change the future... I'm sure of it."
  • Lucina: "Of course we can! Let's fight to get our future back!"

After Finishing the Tempest Trials Edit

  • Robin (Male): "The Tempest is weakening, it seems."
  • Lissa: "They never even saw us coming! Now, come on! We've got to tell my brother all about what we did."
  • Nowi: "Hee hee! We're the best!"
  • Tharja: "It's all thanks to the power of my love. It's twice as potent right now, so I'm twice as strong as usual. Heh."
  •  ???: "Our true gratitude should go to the warriors from the other world. They fought at our side as true heroes. Unfortunately, we do not know when the Tempest will strike again. I must find a way we can fight back... I refuse to let any world be consumed by despair. Not if I have any say."

Resonating Fangs Edit

Highlighted Heroes Edit

40% Bonus Edit
20% Bonus Edit

Final Map BossEdit

Hero Reward Edit

  • Tobin

Before entering the Tempest Trials Edit

  • Faye: "Alm! Oh, I'm so glad you're safe. You're not hurt, are you?"
  • Alm: "No, I'm fine. But what was that? Some sort of earthquake?"
  • Clair: "I have no idea. From the sky, it looked like the whole continent was splitting in two... It looked like the end of the world."
  • Alm: "Let's search for everyone else. They're probably worried."
  •  ???: "To worry for your friends even in such a desperate situation. You are the ray of hope I seek."
  • Alm: "Huh?"
  •  ???: "You are Alm, another Hero-King and wielder of the Falchion, are you not?"
  • Alm: "And you are?"
  • Marth: "Marth... My name is Marth. Heed my words, Heroes from the World of Shadows. The calamity that split your world... was caused by the Tempest. If you lend me your strength, we can restore your land."

After finishing the Tempest Trials Edit

  • Alm: "The Tempest seems to be getting weaker."
  • Marth: "Your Falchion cut through its chaos. However, we are only half-done. Your world's gods have given Valentia two faces. I must seek her out...the other Hero. Your counterpart."
  • Alm: "You mean...her?"
  • Marth: "The Celica we just fought is from another world. You could consider her just one possibility... Now that she's free from the Tempest, she should be back to normal and in her own world. However, the Celica of legend- the Celica you know-is fighting the Tempest as we speak. I must go to her aid."
  • Alm: "Wait! Celica is my friend. Even since we were children... Protecting her is my responsibility. I'm coming with you."
  • Marth: "Hmm... It is said that the Falchion is a blade forged from the fang of a divine dragon. So together we possess two fangs... That's surely enough to cleave the Tempest's chaos. Let us go."

Reunited at Last Edit

Highlighted Heroes Edit

40% Bonus Edit
20% Bonus Edit

Final Map Boss Edit

  • Sonya

Hero Reward Edit

  • Clive

Before entering the Tempest Trials Edit

  • Sonya: "I can't take much more of this! I've lost count of how many we've defeated... But they keep coming!"
  • Celica: "It's been so long... So long that I can't even remember HOW long. Everyone's exhausted...Yet they press us, relentlessly. At this rate, I just don't know...Oh, Alm..."
  • Alm: "Celica!"
  • Celica: "Alm? Alm! Is that really you?"
  • Alm: "You're all right. Thank goodness! Take a deep breath. It's going to be OK. I'll save you from this... I swear it!"

Trivia Edit

  • The layout of final map of each Trial resembles a chapter in the series:
    • Dark Clouds over Awakening - Chapter 23 from Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • Resonating Fangs - Berkut's Final Battle map from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
    • Reunited at Last - Thabes Labyrinth final floor map from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  • The music playing in the final map of each Trial comes from a previous game in the series.

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