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“Karla... When you were but a lass, you were called the jewel of Zoa. And now you’re a warrior and kill people. You fool... No should I perhaps say it is pitiful. Fate is a cruel mistress...”
—Temsin, to Karla when the Arial Mercenaries encounter her

Temsin (テムジン Temujin) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the king of Arial and one of the Twelve Heroes, as well as the father of Katrina.


Temsin was once a soldier of Zoa. He strongly disagreed with Gwenchaos and eventually left to be with a woman. Afterwards, he became a mercenary and fought against Zoa in the Leda Liberation War to liberate Arial, which was a city in Leda at the time. When he liberated Fort Arial, the suffering civilians saw it as a miracle and soon forced him to become their king. After Serene was killed by Karla, he helped Katrina in raising Sennet and Neyfa. He was not aware of their heritage as royalty of Canaan until Katrina was forced to tell him because Neyfa transformed into Rakis on her fifteenth birthday.

During the story, Temsin fights as a member of the Arial Mercenaries led by Sennet. He is introduced when the Arial Mercenaries and the Leda Alliance Army come to the aid of Holmes in Map 21. Temsin later appears once again alongside Sennet, Reshe, and Estofarne when they watch Karla's murder of Barker. When Karla criticizes him for abandoning Zoa, he points out that she gave up her own husband and son for the sake of Zoa.

In the epilogue, Temsin tells Katrina to stop explaining the history of their kingdom of Holmes. He also mentions that Samson is Katrina's husband and the future king of Arial.

In GameEdit


Temsin first appears in Map 21 as an NPC unit and is unrecruitable.


Starting Class Group
SwordmasterSwordmaster TS group mercenary Mercenary
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
38 44 21 6 25 25 10 11 20 6
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Dragon SaintDragon Saint
TS Heaven SaintHeaven Saint

TS Sword Sword

Sol SwordSol Sword
Magic ShieldMagic Shield

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