“The hulking husk of a massive city once rich in magical power. It slumbers still, buried under centuries of sand from the Mamorthod Desert.”
—Description in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Thabes Labyrinth is the final dungeon in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Located in the Mamorthod Desert in Archanea, it has multiple floors with slabs that share a piece of the tale of a nefarious mage named Forneus, as well as housing the being he created. It may be related to the Tower of Thabes.

Slab StoryEdit

  • This is the Thabes Labyrinth. Let none set foot within its cursed halls.
  • In Thabes lived an alchemist named Forneus, much praised for his genius.
    In time, he would be feared by all.
  • Two matters consumed Forneus, and he spent his life in their pursuit.
  • The first was how to wake the dead and control them as his army.
  • The second was the creation of a singular, perfect being.
  • We senators sent forth messengers to Forneus. None returned.
  • Next, the Council dispatched soldiers. Still none returned.
  • Thus, the Council chose to seal Forneus's workshop with him inside it.
  • The seal they used was made to last until the city crumbled to sand.
  • Here lies sealed the workshop of the demon alchemist Forneus.
  • A critical component in the death mask is a particular shelled insect.
  • I have come to call these marvels of nature thanatophages.
  • Placed on a cadaver, thanatophages set down roots and assert control.
  • At last, blood from a divine dragon! Its power is terrifying. Beautiful.
  • The Senate has granted me all I need to craft life anew. I've succeeded.
  • At first, it was a tiny thing. But on day 80, I gave it my blood. It grew.
  • Its voice echoes in my head. Dark thoughts. Violent th-


  • After defeating the creation, a sigil appears showing the Brand of the Exalt.
  • It is unknown if the seal locking the lower half of the Labyrinth is related to the Shield of Seals, despite its resemblance.

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