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“I've received reports that Bishop Oliver, the duke of Tanas, is up to something suspicious. Duke Tanas has a villa near the woods of Serenes. Go there, and return with irrevocable proof of...whatever he's doing. If you succeed in this, I promise to support your Princess Elincia with all the power at my command.”

The Atonement is Chapter 16 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Base ConversationsEdit

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Muarim * - -
Stefan *** Stefan recruited and is alive Occult Scroll

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • 2 Soldiers at end of turns 6 & 7 in southwest corner.
  • 1 Soldier, 1 Archer, and 1 Thief at the west door at the end of turn 8 (Thief appears at the end of turn 5 on Hard).


Chest ItemsEdit

Dropped ItemsEdit

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The Feral Frontier
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